Re: David Frum’s impotent plea

In this video, David Frum pleads with Conservatives to save the Grand Old Party. But as a man in his early 20s, I have to ask the “respectable” conservatives this important question. What have you conserved? Because it’s seems to me, that the progressive agenda has only experienced minor bumps until the Trumpian wave. It is possible that conservatives get erotic pleasure out of losing, and that’s unfortunate. But what you have to understand is that your time is over.

You offer the eighteen to twenty-five demographic, and the working class absolutely nothing. Your only interest is corporate, and you only pay lip-service to proletariat interests. While I don’t consider myself a Trump supporter, The fact that he understood the desires of the people, and won the presidency is undeniable. The working man is socially conservative, and economically populist. Donald Trump understands this, and to a lesser degree the Democratic party does as well. But in the case of the Democratic party, They don’t really like acknowledging the social conservative bit. That doesn’t appeal to the major metropolitan city dwelling liberal community.

Have you considered that the GOP is partly to blame for democracy not working? You bring up California, and boy is that a mistake on your part. Why is California the Democratic stronghold of the West Coast? Gee, I wonder if the Republican icon Ronald Reagan had anything to do with that? I seem to remember learning that he passed an amnesty bill or something. I do know that California wasn’t a one-party state before whatever it is that Ronald Reagan did. The radicalization of conservatives that you’re referring to happened because of mass immigration. The “Trump party” is offering very reasonable milquetoast solutions to the problem. Some of which have been implemented by Australia, and Canada.

The big issue with democracy is in-group versus out-group dynamics. It breeds factionalism, which leads to further radicalization. Us versus them systems of governance aren’t exactly the best choice for creating a cohesive society. America needs a new vision for tomorrow, This is my suggestion. But feel free to come up with your own! What America needs is something revolutionary, and stagnant neo-liberal democratic capitalism isn’t going to bear fruit. What if we need a Bonaparte/Caesar?


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