Our potential future

Our future is techo-tribal, and techno-feudal. A wonderful smattering of the two on the civilizational canvas. The dearly beloved democracies of the West shall not depart from this Earth, but they will be much weaker. Technologically advanced tribes, and kingdoms will become the government in places, Where the Democratic state cannot exert it’s power.

The first Tech-Monarch will probably be someone like Mr.Bezos. He could transform his business empire into a start-up city-state or nation-state, if he wanted to. It’d even have a space program, Which would put it above many other nations in terms of development.

Techno-tribes could be anything from a group that gets access to high-end tech through violence, To a reasonably well-off lesser known Silicon Valley guy starting his own society. So this would be the option for the more adventurous types out there.

The cracks in neo-liberalism, and democratic society became visible to the average person in 2016. Riots, scandals, recounts, and more. The supposedly irrelevant White working class openly rejected the pre-approved candidates, and voted for an outsider. This infuriated the most influential members of the Cathedral, and it led to some amusing conspiracies.

Young college-aged millennials even preferred Bernie, and Jill over Hillary. Left, and Right identitarianism becoming more common place. “Conservatives” are struggling to adapt to the new environment. Trump gave a pretty decent example of adapting during the campaign, and the inauguration day event.

When your style of governance puts a high value on popularity contests, You’re going to run into trouble. Democracy doesn’t give birth to a cohesive society, the only thing that is born from it is division. When your culture is consumerist, and your politics splits the population into high school cliques. You will always have trouble. We are the Divided States of America.

There are other potential futures, Of course. I won’t go into much detail but I’ll list them. Socially decadent bourgeois maoism, stagnant neo-liberalism, semi-tribal communism, and nationalistic bolshevism. I personally prefer a hybrid of Nrx, and Nazbol because it’d be an intriguing mix.

Much like the human mind, society has modules that bring it altogether making a viable system. In-group versus out-group dynamics that help you create a friend-enemy distinction. Men, and women developing in different but complementary ways. A division of labour is formed within groups that gives everyone a role. Leader, follower, provider, nurturer, and so on.

Which is why hierarchy, and communalism are natural tendencies in mankind. Democratic capitalism can be harmful even when it gives us some benefits. In the political arena, We now have politicians using immigration as a weapon. Little thought is put into what could happen. The worker gets mocked by factions on both sides for expressing concern. Even when it’s a mild statement like “Please maintain the border, and stop companies from hiring non-citizens”.

Liberalism’s attempt to revolt against nature has been a tragic failure. We aren’t blank slates, and we never were. As we push technology to it’s limits, and reach for the stars, We should embrace ideologies that are more natural to us.


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