Masculinity, and Femininity

Concepts of masculinity, and femininity have changed quite a bit since the first World War. Men being effeminate, and women having a masculine presence is no longer seen as strange. These are now completely valid ways of being in the eyes of a noticeable portion of the population.

Masculinity, and femininity have become very fluid whereas before it was more of a binary or a spectrum. These classifications, and the subclasses for behavior of the two genders have been reduced to marketable lifestyle choices. Amoral capitalism thrives off of the lifestyle obsession. Anything that can be sold will be sold. There are no limits only barriers that need to be broken down with provocative works, So that something may be sold.

The 1940s-80s did absolutely wonderful things for the capitalist system. It brought more women into the workforce, Which brought the value of labor down. This means that you are making less money because of the labor supply increase.

The complete destruction of norms that were beneficial to families, and communities has benefited capitalism. The deconstruction of norms has created more atomised consumers. Free love absolutely shattered birthrates, and created a nasty hookup culture. A culture that has completely destroyed trust between men, and women. Staying with the same person for a decade is considered a feat rather than an expectation.

The modern man is becoming this disturbing bug like man child that, I have trouble categorizing as human. Though there are men that haven’t been infected with the bugman virus. Also look at the impotent rage expressed by the men, and women in this video, Very problematic stuff. This isn’t the behavior of a well-adjusted adult.

In the modern world, Women say that they want a sensitive man that expresses his feelings, But this is false. According to a study, This is seen as feminine, and unattractive. If you want an example of what women actually desire look no further than barbarian pulp fiction, trashy romance novels, and the interesting phenomena of women finding a gorilla handsome. What does this say about women? It says that their ideal mate is a strong provider. Everything else is filler.

So if you’re a man, and you want to get that attractive cafe girl to date you. Start working out, and finding ways to make money. Don’t bother with college unless you’re getting into a STEM field or you want to be a lawyer. Everything else you can learn online or at a community center. For free or for a very reasonable price. An unnecessary pile of debt isn’t going to help you.


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