I’m not arguing for or against welfare, I think that some form of basic income is inevitable with the rise of automation. But that’s not the point that I am trying to make here. But I’ll probably make it anyway. Libertarian, and Conservative critics of welfare are basing their claims off of tribal attitudes.

Arguments against welfare by the average layman, and some pundits as well are accusations of exploitation. These arguments certainly have merit. “I don’t want my taxes going to people that’ll waste it, I have a family to feed!” Said the Conservative.

That’s certainly a sensible attitude to have towards the exploitation of welfare. But does he realize that he’s arguing in favor his tribe, and against another? Maybe, maybe not. The Libertarian takes this even further because he is a tribe of one. All taxation is theft, and there is no merit in using the state as a tool to benefit the community in his eyes.

If the United States were still a nation with communal inclinations instead of a mercantile empire, it’s likely that welfare would be embraced by all. But it’s currently embraced by one side, and begrudgingly accepted by the other. Welfare would be embraced in a modern communal culture because it’d stop people from slipping through the cracks. The community will do it’s best but it has it’s limits.

But for those that can’t work or cannot keep a job because of perfectly understandable reasons, These programs are essential. Arguing against disabled veterans, grandmas, and the sick getting help makes you look cruel.

The obvious libertarian retort is arguing that private entities can do this. But they rely on a less stable stream of funding because you’re not expected to contribute to it. The self interested “I got mine” mentality is the modern American mindset. That’s not something you want in a society especially a stateless one.

Let’s also not forget that people have exploited others by pretending to be a charitable organization. I’m sure that’ll only increase in a stateless bourgeois capitalist society. But now, We’re going to get to the really neat part of this. Automation, and all of the wonderful innovation that comes with it.

Very few jobs will be safe in the future, and that means mass unemployment. Of course, it’ll start with low skill employees losing their jobs. Cashiers, burger flippers, drivers, and so on. These jobs should be made obselete, and they will be. Medium skilled jobs, and high skilled careers will also be at risk. Though not to the same degree as lower skilled work.

The artistic, academic, STEM, and security professions will have the most security. So what shall we do about the sea of hungry unemployed masses? We could let them starve, and risk revolt. But we could also implement a universal basic income for the citizens. The benefit of automation is that immigration will be noticeably reduced, and efficiency would increase as well.

The fight for fifteen an hour wages will only accelerate the process. Corporations will have to decide from these options in order to compensate for it. Reduce quality, increase prices, and fire employees. Fire employees, and increase automation is the most profitable solution. All roads lead to automation .


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