The future

It’s a very generic title, but it fits the subject of the article. 2017 was quite the year for me as a writer, I was recognized on three platforms. Vice, Social Matter, and Leftypol all deemed me worthy of acknowledgement. I am very grateful for this, and to be honest it was unexpected.

This blog will be sticking to a 500-1500 word format going forward. I haven’t made a decision on the quantity of posts for each month though, I intend to try to keep it around four articles every month. The reason for this is that I am starting to get burnt out when it comes to politics, and I’ve been writing more fiction behind the scenes. I still intend to give my thoughts on politics, and philosophy on here.

None of the fiction will be published on this blog because I intend to publish a small collection of short stories at some point. So you’ll have that to look forward to. The nature of this blog will not change. Content related to philosophy will be posted semi-regularly.

The goal of 2018 is to increase my audience, and monetize the blog. I was originally considering college but after seeing the amount of lunacy on campuses across the country, and there’s also the issue of debt. Even if I land my dream job, I’ll still be paying it off for decades. Also there are personal reasons as to why taking on debt willingly would be an insane move on my part.



  1. Would online college be an option for you? I totally understand about education. It’s not easy carving out a better future for oneself when the stakes are always raised against us.


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