The case for cultural primitivism

You’ll often hear buzzwords like “Cultural Marxism”, and “Cultural Libertarianism” thrown around by political commentators. These buzzwords give the reader a quick description of a certain issue. Someone saying “I’m the advocate of feline self indentifing peoples in America”, This can be labeled as Cultural Marxism. 

They’re partially accurate labels for observable phenomena. Cultural Marxism is partially correct in the sense that the cultural force being pushed is leftist. But it’s not Marxism as it was understood in it’s classical period. Cultural Libertarianism was an idea presented by the vlogging skeptic community that didn’t make it off the launch pad. It would’ve eventually led to the same lunacy as Cultural Marxism anyway. 

Cultural Libertarianism is Cultural Marxism without the in-group policing mechanism. The basic message of libertarianism is “Everyone is an individual, Do as you please”. Grown adults identifing as animals, and hookup culture are good examples of individualism gone too far. All of that would still exist to the extent that it does now.  

Cultural Marxism is not Marxism, It’s an expansion pack for the liberalism mmorpg. Just like Libertarianism is. Liberalism takes what it needs to sustain itself, and the rest is thrown out. What’s happening is that society is being atomised further to benefit the capitalist machine. More atomised units means more worker bees in the short term, and more consumers in the long term. Automation will make mass immigration, and low skill labor mostly unnecessary. Which is a good thing. But an atomised society is soulless, and unsustainable.  

Capital marches on towards the idealized world of perfect efficiency. A human bee hive or an ant colony. Everything is absorbed or expelled based on whether or not it benefits the God named “Capital”. Profit, profit, and more profit! The machine must be fed, and that means you must spend!  

Universal basic income isn’t up for debate, and I’m sorry if that bothers the sensibilities of the free market champion. But a portion of the population is going to be pushed out of the job market. What do you do now that this occurred, Let them starve? Allow the risk of riots to increase? If you say “Yes” then you’re a mad man. But everyone’s insane in their own way, Right? It’s just that some are better at pretending than others. The obvious response would be “What about car sharing services?”. But what’s stopping the corporation from replacing you with a self driving car? Nothing, and it’s going happen. See? You can’t escape the push for greater efficiency.   

The blue-haired social justice activists exist because of the absence of a moral hierarchical structure. The great undoing of norms from the 1700s to the 1960s left them without a Shepherd to follow. The English had a significant influence on liberalism, and it was fun for awhile. But their islander values were spread across the world to people that weren’t accustomed to it.  

The human mind is like a computer, and society is like the internet. We develop society in a way that is going to be optimal. That’s why tribalism, monarchism, and imperialism have been the preferred mode for the system for most of our history. Values are embraced based on whether or not it creates unity within the group. Traditionalism is ideal for the survival of a species because of the fact that it encourages reproduction, and promotes a sense of loyalty. Some of that needs to brought back. 

The coming age of space exploration, and colonialism will bring new dangers. New dangers mean reviving some old norms. Cultural primitivism would be a nice buzzword for this phenomena. The great thing about capitalism is that it’s amoral, and that means that you can use it to change the cultural paradigm. It worked for the hippies, and it can work for every other political movement.  

Genes are inherited from parent to child. But sometimes things go wrong, and a defective gene is passed down. Liberalism is that bad gene mutation. The weird fetishes, low birthrates, and the lowered trust between the genders exist because of it. The weakening of social bonds, and the rise of weird tastes doesn’t hurt the money machine God. It only hurts it’s believers. Work gives you cash that you may offer to your beloved machine God. So that he may bless you with bountiful profits! All Hail Adam Smith! (pbuh) 

If you want to win, You’ll have to play their little game. A new nobility can be formed by playing it. You just have to make sure that you don’t act like a vulgar imbecile. I think you’ll find that any belief is viable, If it’s supporters don’t act morons. The machine eye only cares when you bring too much attention to yourself. Aesthetics, behavior, and narrative matter. A bunch of fat boys in stalhelms would’ve gotten smashed by the Pro-Tsarist forces.  





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