Playing their economic game

Right wing movements and communities lack something very important in the current year. Proper networking would help the restoration of society along. A lone wolf will never defeat a pack of wolves. Let’s say you wanted to change a place like Vermont or Montenegro politically. How would you do it? Put up posters? That’s good but it’s not even close to being enough. Demonstrations? Those are good for propaganda but not necessarily for lasting change.  

What’s needed is a sort union or co-operative syndicate for small businesses. It’s well known that multinational corporations have a hold on the market. Which leaves the small businessman out in the cold. But with a union, The chances of being a valid contender increase. If you want to affect the world and leave a lasting impression. You need money and institutions. People prefer Mcmart because Mcmart is cheaper than Mom & Pop shops. But if you organize and form a union. You can offer discounts to customers that shop at union affiliated businesses. If you go to a union affiliated clothing store then the union affiliated pizza place will take 10% off your bill. 

This would also give you the ability to influence politics like the big corporations do. Why beg when you can buy? The current system is amoral and that’s where your opportunities come from. The political and economic status quo expects you to play fair. When their system gives you the opportunity not to. You could have your Conservative society that has all the things that you’re nostalgic about that are gone now. 

A good job program that a populist-nationalist could advocate for are state co-operatives. The local co-operative would be mostly autonomous outside of contacting the regional representative office for shipments. Seventy-five percent of the profit would be split among the workers and twenty-five percent would go to the government. This would reduce some of the corporate influence and empower the working class. 

Having an economic presence online and in the physical world is necessary for change. Reason and arguments didn’t work for the libertarians. Why would they work for you? Flattery and shows of strength are superior because they appeal to our primitive instincts. You can perfect your argument for years but it’s irrelevant, If the other faction is more attractive. 



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