national symbols, patriotism, and use

The nation-state and it’s symbols are a manifestation of it’s people. These symbols represent a bond within the populace. Recently people have been protesting these symbols by taking a knee. This resentment has manifested itself in the form of riots, road blockades, and normal protests. A demographic that does not feel apart of the wider group has no obligation to respect the symbols. If they wish to secede at any point in the future, The American thing to do would be to support their right to do so. 

Now let’s talk about right wing movements that wish to ascend to the throne and change the paradigm. Any movement that rejects national symbols in favor of something foreign is stunting it’s growth. I enjoy the Roman imperial aesthetic as much as the next guy but that’s not going to win over most people. 

The colors, symbols, and cultural creations of your nation must be used to win people over. It must be organic and recognizable to the people that you want to win over. The aesthetics of ancient empires and memes needs to be accompanied by the national aesthetic. A symbol of your choosing with a red, white, and blue color scheme will be more effective. Using cultural goods does not mean that you support the current political order. 

Your posters should appeal aesthetically to the nation that you live in. Whether you’re a pan-nationalist or any other variant of rightism isn’t important. Your aesthetics should appeal to your people as a whole. The stars and stripes have more cultural reach than vaporwave does. You could fuse old school Americana with vaporwave. That’s always an option.  

There’s also the narrative bonus that comes with this. If your political adversaries denounce you while you are using national symbols. A normal guy will think “They’re disrespecting these patriots and our flag”. That will make sympathetic observers out of apolitical people. Which creates room for recruitment. You can then position yourselves as the champions of the people. You can begin educating them on traditionalism, distributism, and so on. 

It’s the perfect opportunity to push the soft liberals out of the right and into the left. Where they should be. They conserve nothing therefore the designation of right wing does not fit them. Ideological maintenance is important to keep your side healthy. You can’t let decadent ideas corrupt your following. You must present a higher ideal that makes faux conservative thought unappealing to the masses. 


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