Conservatism divorced it’s identity 

Previously I critiqued Conservatives love of capitalist economics. But another thing that needs to be questioned is the flawed conception of right wing thought that has dominated for quite awhile. Many Conservatives will conflate Classical Liberalism with Conservatism without a second thought. Because that’s what the definition given by the current hegemony, The United States is.   

Individual liberty, small government, and free markets is the definition used by many conservatives. It’s the same definition that you’d hear from a Classical Liberal. But this creates a significant issue for the American right when defining. Basic dictionary definitions alone are enough to point  it out. Conservativism means to conserve things like cultural norms and order. To act in a paternal manner.  

Liberalism means freeing an individual from restraint. Liberalism places the individual above his community. Conservative thought isn’t supposed to do that. The American cultural origin is a classically Liberal one. But for a significant period of time it had authentic conservative values to balance it out. The interesting thing about progressivism is that it has embraced paternalism in it’s own way. This is one of the reasons for it’s success in my opinion. People crave a direction to be led in and they are delivering one to the people. 

I was recently speaking with a relative that works with the mentally and physically disabled. She was telling me about how the clients are allowed to consume any food that they desire. Even if they’re allergic to it. Her explanation for this is that they have the same rights as us. But if a child did something similar. The child’s parents would intervene and correct them. Why do they get treated like mentally capable adults in this regard? This is an issue with the non-paternal point of view that classical liberalism has. Logic should dictate that these humans should be treated differently. Making them not eat foods that make them sick is in their best interest. 

Classical liberalism, much like capitalism, puts the individual before the community. Enabling unchecked greed and a lower sense of duty to your fellow man. A sort of ancestor worship and desire to rise above has always existed in the hearts of men. Creating a desire to improve and maintain their society. The society of the new man has taken this sentiment and twisted it. Altruism is now more about status signalling than it is about duty. 

Greed can be good as long as it doesn’t become the driving force in a society. Unchecked greed allows corporations and governments to treat the population like economic goods instead of people. When the population is not breeding enough their solution is increased immigration. Instead of pursuing policy and cultural ideals that would solve the issue. They want more hot bodies for labor but prefer artificial inflation to actual creation.  

In a nation with strong border security and strict requirements for new legal arrivals. A universal basic income of 800 a month is feasible. Remember that smaller labor supply affects workers wages positively. The common complaint from people is that they can’t afford to raise children. Both of these policies together would make that argument irrelevant. Also extra money would make life easier for college students. The United States has more than enough to fund these things. A portion of our military budget would be enough to enforce immigration and fund UBI. I doubt that it’d require cutting into anything else. 

Capitalism negatively affects the local economy as well. It sees to that money goes into the hands of multinational corporations that have no ties to the area. While small businesses have to fight for every penny. A few lucky people get enriched as less money is put back into the local economy. More Mcmarkets and less family owned business completely changes the character of a community.  

Another thing that is sacrificed is the pursuit of higher ideals and achievements in the nation. We no longer try to explore the galaxy. We’re now more concerned with gossip and trends. Your architecture becomes ugly, your goals become less impressive, and your people become more bug-like. A society that runs completely on the liberal operating system lacks artistic vision. It turns into pointless art that is nothing but squares and paint blotches. 


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