Vermont Social Republic

From 2016-2020s, The United States of America experienced major issues that broke the nation. Neo-Maoists and nationalists fought an ideological turf war that would eventually break up the nation. California and the Pacific Northwest are directly under the control of China. Russia has reclaimed Alaska. The new independent nations are in the process of defining themselves. Vermont has managed to survive relatively unaffected by the chaos. A steady flow of Northern New Yorkers entered the state in the 2020s. But other than that it did not change very much.  

Vermont has always had a history with fringe politics. But none of them were as revolutionary as the republican integralist movement of Thomas de Medici. His new ideas created a united front in the future republic. The movement faced fierce opposition from the Democratic Socialist Movement. But many defected when Thomas began voicing support for workers co-operatives calling them “A modern alternative”. 

Thomas de Medici took power in the late 2020s with his wife Vittoria de Medici at his side. The Vermont Social Republic has strong ties with Russia, Belarus, and Japan. Vermont exclusively traded with these three nations because of it’s desire to be mostly self sufficient. Thomas de Medici also wanted to keep foreign influence at a reasonable level. So this was the rational course of action for the republic.  

In the early 2030s, A immigration quota of 10,000 a year was passed in order to keep the flow sustainable. The migration of Northern New Yorkers had increased the population by 200,000 in the 2020s. Experts suggested that a quota be passed. The idea of annexing southern New Hampshire to compensate for the growth is being discussed and may happen in the future. Due to higher birthrates as well as immigration from Belarus and Japan. It will eventually become necessary.  

Thomas de Medici believed that Vermont must be the lighthouse of the Northeast. Which led to policies prioritizing agricultural production, cultural creation, and military projects. Movements would eventually pop up outside of Vermont on both sides. The sympathizers and dissenters would wrestle for control for years. 

The nation’s first war was against the people’s republic of Massachusetts. Premier Ronald Silver wanted to purge the region of the so called nationalist taint. After the news of the declaration reached the presidential palace. Thomas de Medici ordered salt and surplus gasoline be dropped on the state-owned farms of Massachusetts. Followed by fighters igniting the gasoline by shooting at the soaked fields. Being unable to feed the troops and the people of Massachusetts properly ended the war within six months.  

This victory gave the Vermont Social Republic much needed legitimacy as a regional power. But it would also encourage pro-communist militants to attempt to enter the nation. Border guards had regular clashes with the militants for the first few years after the war. But it was finally put to a stop when Thomas de Medici announced that the green mountain battalion would be deployed to New York. He announced plans to annex Northern New York in order to expand manufacturing and agriculture. 

Towards the end of the 2030s and beginning of the new decade, Thomas announced that his son Vittorio would be his successor. Thomas de Medici also announced that he intended to step down in 2043 giving the reigns of power to Vittorio on his thirty-fifth birthday. Vittorio de Medici was previously an ambassador to Russia and is known for his pro-monarchism rants during party meetings. On an unstable continent, Vermont has become a force to emulate. 


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