The appeal of authoritarianism 

With the rise of nationalists, anarcho-communists, and Post-modern leftists. Some people are most likely wondering what’s going on? What happened to the good old routine? The youth are craving something new and that means that a new political cycle has started. 

The youth see the status quo as weak and dishonest. The left talks about equality and the worker, but kisses the corporate ring. The right talks about conserving, but does nothing of the sort. One portion of my generation is overeducated and underemployed. The other is simply aware of the direction that the wind is blowing. This creates radicalism but this won’t go away by fixing employment. Both sides have concerns that must be addressed.  

The question of identity, demographics, and culture is valid. But the part that may disappoint moderates is that neither side is willing to compromise. So you must back a side to resolve this. Even if you don’t agree with every premise they have. 

The left is about tearing down old norms and culture to start anew. That means taking down statues, different narrative, and identity shaming. If you have class and demographic privilege. Get used to getting reminded of it.  

The right is about preservation but in this case it is about revival. A revival of old social values and a respect for traditional culture. Both types of nationalists desire similar things. Those that have any reverence for the past will likely end up here. 

Humans crave substance and symbolism. The authoritarians are filled with it and that is why it’s on the rise. Humans cannot live only for themselves. This is an empty existence that leads to unchecked hedonism. A higher ideal like religion or group Caesarism is necessary. It unites a people and inspires them to do more. Speeches filled with concepts like class struggle, faith, and family are stronger than any appeal to liberty. 

Authoritarianism has an artistic quality to that appeals to our primal instincts. That’s why it’ll never go away. Neo-liberalism and conservative lite will never inspire the people in the same way. 



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