Thoughts: Kropotkinism 

Kropotkinism has been a favorite philosophy for the rebellious first world youth for quite some time. Even with it’s anarchist trappings it’s an intellectually fascinating subject. Though it’s promise of statelessness and equality should be disputed. 

His mutual aid theory promises a society of cooperation between people. Altruistic behaviors such as this are the most effective within in-groups. Similarities lower the likelihood of issues that would be presented by group difference. So it can be argued that this sort of society would be racially or ethnically tribalist. 

Co-operatives and the commune at large could never maintain a truly democratic system. Because of the fact that humans developed overtime to have a leader and follower dynamic. Evolutionary leadership theory creates a big hole in the hull of the anarchist ship. A leader will rise organically out of the group. The person with the best organizational skills will be in control in either a implicit or explicit manner. That all depends on how committed they are to maintaining the image of the project. 

This theory is not just a means of creating an idealistic arrangement in the community. It is also a tactic for a radical movement to act like an unassimilatable population in order to force change. Kropotkinism, passivism, and the long march through the institutions all have benefits for the right wing as strategies. 


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