Primal futurism 3: Development

The democratic capitalist system of the West presents a wonderful opportunity for radical movements. There’s a glitch in this system that can be exploited by the movements of the right. The right has historically failed in the Democratic world. The right has conserved nothing and now takes a milder approach to what the left desires. 

Nationalists being the exception to this. They’re making gains in the United States of America. The Visegrad 4 and Russia have remained recognizable. They haven’t embraced cosmopolitanism to the extent of nations like Sweden and United Kingdom.  

Democracy is a faction versus faction system. The right has chosen not to exploit this. Europeans have chosen not to do this out of altruism and a sense of moral superiority. But they’re blissfully unaware of the fact that democratic politics is a vicious system that doesn’t care about any of that. The only way to look out for the good of your family is to be vicious. 

You have to work as a group in order to get anything done. The LGBT community succeeded because they worked together as a cohesive unit. The left has achieved everything it’s wanted because they chose not to assimilate and put the pressure on instead. 

The right likes authority and they’ll follow the rules even if they’re against the system in place. Choosing not to resist an edict is basically acceptance of it. This has been detrimental to the efforts of the right and society in general. Which is why nationalists, fascists, and even the communists deserve the utmost respect. Even if you disagree with them. These movements have the will to action that Buckley conservatives don’t have. Though I doubt the right wing credentials of those people. They’re still what passes as right wing until something replaces the Buckley conservative movement.  

Capitalism like democracy is very conflict based. Which leaves room for exploitation by a well organized group of people. Capitalism is very amoral by design. What’s important to this system is profit. So naturally the capitalist system can be exploited for a radical movements benefit. 

The concept of mutual aid advocated by 19th century anarchists like Kropotkin would extremely beneficial to achieving this goal. Of course it wouldn’t be exactly the same as how the left uses it. Due to the fact that the goals are a little different. Cooperatives and small businesses that network with each other can resist corporate hegemony. These ideological fanatics in the private sector can fund the movement. 

Crowd funding is something that can also be used since truly radical movements don’t have the financial infrastructure to buy candidates. The current system responds to money and optics more than it does argumentation. Aesthetics and correct use of finances is more important than reason. This is why nationalism wins and libertarianism does not. 

You don’t win by appealing to the reason of the masses. You win with symbolism. Everybody wants to be apart of the in-group. So a good look and a projection of strength will get you further. Democracy and capitalism gives the Machiavellians an advantage. Choosing not to be Machiavellian in a democratic society handicaps you. 

The moral option for governance is monarchism. People enjoyed more autonomy under a King and his Jarls than they do with an elected elite class. What were the checks and balances in a kingdom? The commoners were armed and the nobles will only tolerate so much.  

An example of this would be warfare. Nobles are expected to contribute to the armies of the Kingdom. If you spend too much time on war. It might cause a revolt led by a noble or a revolt of commoners that are fed up. The promise of another election cycle passifies the populace. Which is likely one of the reasons behind anti-monarchism.  

The ultimate goal of the radical of the modern day is to undo the last 228 years of political change. Those who aren’t willing to eat the hearts of their enemies in a figurative sense will not succeed. The conservatives who whine about the success of progressivism, and the rise of nationalists do not have a Warrior’s spirit. The American left is sidelined temporarily and the Buckley boys are impotent. The future belongs to the nationalists as long as they hold on to their current momentum. 


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