The future of religion and culture

I did a quick post elsewhere about my thoughts on the future of religion. It was suggested that I share it here and expand upon it. I’m not a theologian these are just some observations. 

Due to the modernization of the Christian faith, only 5 sects will make it to the end of the century. Mormonism, Amish, Mennonite, Orthodox Christians, Traditionalist Catholics (FSSP, SSPX, and so on). European folk polytheism and polytheism of other sorts will make a comeback. Islam will maintain itself pretty much as is.  

The reason for this is that these faiths still put a strong emphasis on reproductive replacement and traditional norms. Whereas a lot of mainline Christianity is more focused on making you feel good. Modern Christianity doesn’t emphasize fertility or struggle anymore.  

Christianity went through a process of modernization during the 20th century. As new norms replaced old ones. But churches are emptying because of the loss of authentic faith. 

The left will come to realize that Islam is not going to tow the line of homosexual acceptance nor will it promote feminist values. They’re valiant defenders of Islam now. But they won’t be if they become 30-40% of the religious population in the United States of America.  

The far left and right drive the conversation in politics these days. Both sides are craving something more authentic. The far right is moving towards traditional Christianity and European folk religion. The far left has an odd fascination with Islam while remaining secular themselves. Perhaps they wish to subvert that faith as well? Though a liberal Islam would be amusing because of how actual Muslims would react to it. 

The reason for the aggressive return of identity politics on both sides is that the experiment of neo-liberals and enlightenment fanboys has failed miserably. The people are starting to crave archaic cultural norms again. It would seem that progressive social liberation accelerated the process quite a bit. A fellow blogger had a lot to say on left-wing atheism

I absolutely agree with the idea that religious social traditionalism will retake the world. Because it appeals to the natural world instead of defying it like Boomer progressive values had done. People are beginning to push back against liberalism. Saying there are only two genders is now an edgy statement for some. The “My Sex junk” skit was not received positively. 

The soft populist-nationalism of Donald Trump is bulldozing through the neo-liberal headquarters. Illegal immigration is down. He’s pushing for merit based immigration. He’s questioning affirmative action. He’s laying the foundation for a larger movement that is currently in it’s adolescence. 

Capitalism and mass immigration have destroyed traditional norms, faith, and proper birthrates. A rejection of modern capitalism would do plenty for societies around the world. In terms of reviving older cultural and political norms. I’m quite fond of distributism, capitalist protectionism, and a rightist variant of Kropotkinism as alternatives to the current system. 

The topic of what faith the West should follow has always been a controversial one. I view most of Christianity as unsalvageable due to infiltration through theological theories like dispensationalism and liberation theology. The five sects that I mentioned above are likely to survive which makes them good candidates. Though I feel that the foundation of a new syncretic faith would be another option for Western peoples in this post modern age. 

A merger of socially conservative Catholic teaching with European polytheism would be decent idea. Believers would honoring the deities of the greater European pantheon within churches with the nordic stave aesthetic. 

But another option would be promoting Asatru and Hellenic revival causes. Faith does a great deal in helping a community sustain itself. Appealing to old ways may be good. A strong sense of faith among other things would have made the migrant crisis easier to manage. Liberal materialism isn’t going to put up much of a fight against Islamic fundamentalism. Humans always crave something more authentic even if it’s from a foreign land. 

Radical universalism isn’t sustainable beyond a short time period. With the rise of European identity, left-wing identity, and radical Islam. The world will be waking up to this soon. The neo-primal era is beginning. The rejection of freedom of association has accelerated in-group tendencies to a point where it cannot be stopped. There will be a return to traditional societal organization. We may have a few neo-liberal holdouts. But the dark enlightenment is here. 

The true dark age began at the start of the first world war with the fall of the European colonial powers. Western Civilization has fallen into an era of decadence and decline since then. We continued to progress in technology and wealth but everything else fell behind. The cultural achievements of today are “my sex junk” and a movie about emojis. But the winds are changing for the West. The sun is hiding behind that huge mountain over there. 

American Conservatism is dead. American Progressivism is dying. American Libertarianism is dead. Nationalism and traditionalism is rising. The future is Neoreaction and Alt-Right with a post modern left insurgency. The new age led by Generation Y and Z will undo the current neo-liberal establishment. 

You wanted change and you’re going to get it. There will be no refund option. The false Rome will be erased and the Earth that it once sat upon will be salted. The true Rome will return. 


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  1. Fantastic essay! You mention traditional Catholicism: you are right that this phenomena/movement will supplant mainstream Catholicism (the New Mass and associated theologies) but it will do so as a reassertion of what Catholicism was or really is, i.e. “Traditional Catholicism” is just mere Catholicism. In other words, no more than a few decades ago the qualifier of “Traditional” was unnecessary, and it will reassert itself as such. Traditional (or conservative) Catholic teaching however can’t be merged with polytheism because it – Truth – can’t be merged with untruth. What Traditional Catholicism, again just “mere” Catholicism, does magnificently is baptize folk custom (which is often inspired by pre-Christian pagan custom) and bring it into Christendom. The authentic Catholic faith favors such a wide array of true diversity, an immense diversity of language, dress, custom, art, architecture, all of which is placed under the mystical head of this society: Jesus Christ.

    This re-emergence of traditional Christianity is occurring already in a major way in Russia. Check this out:

    This reemergence will happen in our lands as well. Between now and then may be significant societal turbulence, but, as you say – “the sun is hiding behind that huge mountain over there” – is already starting to shine the first rays of its light!


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