Anarcho-Fascism is a means of societal reset

Much like other forms of Anarchism. The famous slogan “No Gods, No Masters” is contrary to human nature. I had recently found out that the ideology “Anarcho-Fascism” isn’t just a meme and I intend to do some reading on it later. But as someone that has read primary and secondary source material for both philosophies. 

I do have an idea of how this would work. In-group preference aka tribalism is emphasized within the unit. Decision making is done by a group of males known as the “Mannerbund”. I imagine this would be relatively similar to the worker’s council that is common in communist anarchism. 

But because humans developed as a hierarchical species. A leader will rise organically out of the Mannerbund. He will be King and his fellows will be Jarls. Anarchism doesn’t exist. 

For this reason, I don’t see Peter Kropotkin as the anarchist visionary that others do. When I look at his ideas with a detached view. He’s a localist reactionary. The best examples of mutual aid working are the kin altruistic societies of yesteryear. The traditional communities that put their own first. A society that an agent of the modern left would deem problematic.  

A hierarchy will always appear organically. Whether it’s within a friend group or community. It will happen every time and humans will submit to it. Following the leader is within our nature. Rugged individualism develops in isolation. Frontier life and island life encourage it. It won’t last in places where you are exposed to outward threats. 


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