Hegemonic envy 

I’ve recently started reading Jean Baudrillard’s book “Spirit of Terrorism”. He argues that terrorism is caused by the level of hegemonic control that the United States enjoys. This is definitely a valid point. Groups like Hezbollah, Hamas, and the Taliban are antagonistic because of America’s influence. The Empires of old never achieved this level of control. America truly is the most powerful nation to this day.  

With power comes envy which leads to violent responses from others. There is a bipolar and multipolar option. Russia and United States splitting the world in two would be the bipolar solution. But America’s Cold War obsession would be the one issue with this.  

The multipolar solution would be to have six seats of power. USA, Russia, China, Iran, Ethopia, and Nigeria would all have their spheres of influence. Cultural similarity would make hegemonic power easier to maintain. The spheres would develop at their own pace without the neo-liberals foolishly trying to lift up regions too quickly. 

The radical universalism of the American neo-liberal establishment has been detrimental to the development of the human species. The complete disregard for cultural uniqueness as well as the military adventurism is an intellectual sickness. War is for defense and conquest not pseudo-humanitarian efforts. 

America’s warped concept of war has destabilized the Middle East and created chaos in Europe. The Boomer aged neo-liberal is a danger to the world. Generation X,Y,Z have realized this to one extent or another. Fringe movements on both sides of the political spectrum have emerged in reaction to the neo-liberals foolishness. 


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