Primal Futurism 2 : Bare Bones

The sky is clear and the stars guide his way. Young Sven sees a herd of caribou resting near the lake. He taps the button on the side of his nox-1 scouter to calculate the distance and level of accuracy for the shot. He gets in position and fires his bow. The arrow sounds like a banshee and all retreat except for one. His family depends on hunts like this and that device guarantees that they are fed. Life is good in the kingdom of New Sweden because of devices like that. The beylik of Malmo is isolated enough for the people to enjoy a stable life. 

In Primal Futurism, I gave my thoughts on embracing traditional norms, strong in-group bias, and pushing technology forward. Today I intend to give a bare bones example of what that may look like. The village of Hej is one of many under a Jarl’s influence. But the village enjoys a semi-autonmous existence. 

The day to day decisions are decided by the folk living there. Major decisions relating to security or infrastructure like building a bridge require the attention of the Jarl. The villagers all work as a cohesive unit in order to get things done smoothly. The labor is divided up among them. 

An expectation of reciprocation exists within the community. If I use my labor after you ask me for help with a project. You’re expected to return the favor. By relying on the community the people save money that can be used elsewhere. Kropotkinism without the communism. 

Each Jarl is expected to encourage those below him to achieve greater heights as a unit. A collective cult of personality or collective Caesarism for short. This idea of being apart of something great is one of many messages that should be in the cultural mythos. To the point where it becomes hard to imagine your cultural identity without it. 

Western Europe is under siege by Islamic migrants and Wahhabism because it no longer has that. A healthy society would have expelled the hordes after the first Rotherham and Paris style events. Western Europe is stuck in it’s emo kid phase after spending it’s youth playing Roman vs Gaul. ” Everything sucks and I’m so evil,” Said Western Europe to Islam. Islam looks back with a confused glare. Probably wondering what happened to his old rival? “Please kill me” said Western Europe with a sigh. “Okay” said Islam with a look of disappointment. 

Western Europe is allowing chaos because an identity crisis. The region hated itself for it’s strength and success. Which must be confusing to a citizen of Turkey and China considering that those nations have a history of dominance as well. Why would someone forsake their past and allow harm to be done to them? It’s a sickness that was spread by a very determined group. 

But hints of life have been shown by Western Europe. Nationalist movements are beginning to rise once more. The people don’t have to tolerate displacement and terrorism. They just need to agree on an alternative to liberalism. Creating alternative institutions and displacing neo-liberals will lead to a better Europe. 


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