the curious case of modern heathenry 

This will likely be a quick observation on this subject. Simply because I am an interested observer and nothing more. Asatru, Odinism, and Northern European polytheism in general is split into two factions. The inclusive camp and the exclusive camp. What’s perplexing to me is the fact that the inclusive camp even exists.  

My discovery of a European polytheist community that accepts everyone happened on social media. I imagine for some it’s simply a case of wanting to stand out a little bit. You’re surrounded by Christians and you choose to rebel like many teenagers do. These people might genuinely believe in it but they’ll move on from this. 

The one’s that are a legitimate threat to this small community spread out across the world are ideologues. They often complain about cultural appropriation and talk about the need for uniqueness. But as we all know this doesn’t extend to the cultural creations of the European peoples. The long march through the institutions doesn’t stop with taking over major assets like academia, media, and the popular religion. Institutions of less importance must also be changed from within as well. 

What conservatives need to understand is that playing fair in the game called power is completely asinine. These left wing pagans aren’t truly pagan. Religion is just another means of signalling to your tribe as well as tool to control. They don’t acknowledge the transcendent quality of European polytheism or any other faith. Patty O’Farrell being a Zoroastrian is the same as Hideo Okada being an Odinist to them. 

Movements like the French New Right and Neoreaction have often talked about using the “long march” strategy. Medieval studies and European polytheism would be a good start. The culture can be taken by back. But do people have the will to act? 

Unlike the inclusive camp, That is really just looking for an exotic Christianity. The people that say that these religions belong to Europeans are actually correct. These traditions belong to a folk group not the entire human species. The left’s claims of loving diversity are illegitimate. They do not respect diversity in the slightest. They want to mix everything until the world is as gray as their souls. Preservation of uniqueness is not what they’re after. 


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  1. Agreed. What the left call multiculturalism is actually monoculturalism, and diversity for them is absolute conformity. For them, uniformity is rebellion. For them, logic does not exist; only emotional triggers. For the left, racism is tolerance, bigotry is humility. They have the worst case of doublethink and doublespeak I’ve ever seen!


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