Primal Futurism 

Relatively primal civilizational structures are more ideal for humans. But they’re absolutely necessary for certain groups. Democratic society is a luxury for populations with high social trust. Germany is an example of a society that can make any system work even if it’s to their own detriment. They’re so committed to liberal democracy and the European Union that even Islamic terror can be overlooked. In this case their industrious and collectivistic nature is actually causing them harm. Usually this combination would be positive like in Asian nations like Singapore for example. The combination of in-group bias and an industrious personality is a winning strategy. Especially when you add a little creativity into the mix. Democracy is incredibly inefficient for actually getting things done. The common man moans about the lack of progress on a daily basis. But he may or may not realize that democracy is the reason for this. A system that breeds factionalism in the host population instead of unity, Is a system that is only beneficial for salesman of bad character. 

The radical universalism pursued on both sides of the political spectrum is actually supremacist in nature. The idea that groups are interchangeable and have nothing special to them is actually what your modern conservative and liberal actually believe. 

Right-wing movements that acknowledge differences tend to get slapped with the accusation of racial supremacy. Even when it’s unwarranted. Simply saying “I like the idea of a homogeneous society” isn’t really enough. Thinkers like Alain de Benoist have received this treatment in the past. Even though he’s probably the most liberal friendly thinker on the extreme right. Gramsci and Baudrillard are influences of his after all. 

The variant of capitalism that is currently practiced by the world does not care about cultural uniqueness or societal stability. The primary concern of modern capitalism is profit. As much as it’s denied by some. Capital is not anti-human but it can be with a certain set of ideals. The protectionist variant is actually pro host population because it puts group interest before profit. Which is something a distributist can appreciate even though it’s not exactly what they desire.

Humans developed as a species to have an in-group bias and a leader. This can be seen in the human family unit as well as other primates. There is a patriarch making the decisions a large percentage of the time. You can even see it in the history of humanity. The oldest form of governance is monarchism. Whether it be absolute or constitutional. A society with a strong head of state will get more done. In comparison to a building filled with jesters arguing with each other to see who can be the biggest joke. A monarch can fire the entire parliament when it’s filled with ineffective dullards. A president cannot. 

A return to traditional societal norms and a renewed desire to do great things is very desirable. Humans can and should push technological progress as far as possible. Too much time has been wasted on asinine endeavors that have reaped no benefit. Conservatives and liberals are both guilty of this. Technological progress is an undeniably positive force. The cultural ideals of the baby boomers? Not so much. 



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