Why the youth has revolted against you.

What an interesting two weeks it has been. Lots of things have been going on but a recent article from the mainstream and the anti-anonymity tweets from journalists. Are the most important happenings to fringe movements like the ones I associate with. For those lucky enough to not understand the importance of pseudonyms for writers. Allow me to give you a quick explanation. When you live in an area that saying the wrong thing could get you fired or jailed. A writer’s name is hidden. No, this is not because every single writer just wants to say offensive things without it having any affect on our lives. It’s because we either want our political life separate or the status quo of society has deemed us non-human. Unworthy of the same right to privacy and financial security as others do. What a certain news network tried to do to a teenager is quite interesting. Especially since members of the liberal tribe have done the same and have received no backlash from networks like yours. You were ready to ruin this person’s life. While Kathy Griffin only got a bump in the road that is her life. There was a time when your ideas weren’t so popular. It’d be wise of you to remember that the next time you disturb a bee hive. 

One of the propaganda heads of the hydra recently wrote an article on the far right wanting to be the alternative culture. I’d hate to burst your bubble but the alt right and reaction already are the counter culture. For reasons I’ve stated in part 1 and 2 of all politics is identity politics. The alt lite can never fill that void. Sorry Paul Joseph Watson but like the kid in the pizza commercial. Your dream of revolutionizing pizza with something new won’t happen. It’s already been done. 

Kids today are more conservative. Millennial men are starting to warm up to the idea of having a housewife. But baby boomers are the most unfaithful generation. Which isn’t very shocking considering what they advocated for in the sixties. Free love and be an atom are the cultural values of the boomer. When they embraced sensuality the words of Epicurus were ignored. He warned that pleasure without restraint leads to pain. This live free and feel good lifestyle guided their political thinking that made them value profit above all else. Even the host population is less important when put up next to the economy in the eyes of the political boomer. 

If I could describe the world view of those that are much older than I with one word. It would be utopia. The idea of gender being a social construct and differences being unimportant is for the most part the byproduct of boomer leftist thought. But there have been findings that contradict this idea. Differences in behavior in children tells a different story. Chimpanzees also show traditional gender based preferences when it comes to toys as well. Which adds more fuel to that fire as well. Which would leave a person with the obvious understanding that gender roles are not the result of societal factors. So revolting against nature is something that comes quite naturally to actual boomers and cultural boomers. But I cannot put all of the blame on boomers as much as I’d like to. The revolt really started at some point in the 1800s. What the far right wants is to do what the boomers did. Take over the culture and change society as a whole. While the force behind your revolution was used to destroy. Ours is used for reconstruction of the dream that you took away. The American dream is a beautiful lie and the youth on both sides of the spectrum know it. Under your watch the debt, divorce, and single motherhood rates all went up. The Middle East was destabilized and Europe is currently becoming unstable as well. The European birthrates are down but your anti-natalism stops you from encouraging replacement. Africa will eventually reach a point where no amount of foreign aid will save them. To put it bluntly, Your generation is the worst without any shadow of a doubt. Millennials just have to make sure not to blow up the Earth in order to be the better generation. 


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