all politics is identity politics part 2 

You can read part one here . Democracy is a system that divides viewpoints and the weaker ones get eaten. The reason that the alt lite, aka civic nationalists, can never be true opposition to the liberal order is that they are not radically opposed to it. Within 2-5 years, I believe that the alt lite will cease to  exist. The modern conservative movement is used as a buffer state. Absorb and control any real opposition. The radical left only prospers because the left already controls the system. The little niche movement that I mentioned above only differs with the conservative movement on minor issues. Which is why you can be a civic nationalist or a libertarian and have a talk show on TV. The trumpian nationalists are only really different on immigration. They rightly oppose imported cheaper foreign labor and refugees. But this is not enough of a difference. In order for a movement to oppose the order it must embrace the following things. Social conservatism, and an authoritative approach to governance as well as economics. Democracy and group identity are inseparable. You cannot oppose identity politics in a democratic society. Democracy encourages in-group bias. You advocate for your own because that’s logical. There are already legitimate signs of the alt lite being absorbed by the wider conservative movement. The Heller vote Yes hashtag trend was funded by a supposedly America first lobby. They’re capitalizing on a political trend in order to push for another failed attempt at getting rid of ACA. What plagues the alt lite is that it isn’t radically different and it’s talking heads are marketing junkies. It’s essentially downloadable content for the base game. One of these talking heads posted a picture of a book by Alexander Dugin. Whether or not he embraced it and promotes it is unknown to me. I have not kept up with him in all honesty. It was likely just a means to shock. I don’t know how much Eurasianism would appeal to Cernovich’s audience. The alt lite may have branding but they lack substance. The alt right and Nrx have substance but the branding is not quite there. Much like Occupy and the Guy Fawkes mask. The alt lite has it’s flag. Resistance wrapped in a nice little bow by a salesman. 


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