two potential roads 

With the rising political and religious  tensions in the West. I only see two potential roads. Authoritarian city states that eventually become kingdoms through war as road one. A supranational organization that has similarities to the Holy Roman Empire and the European Union as road two.

The neoliberal bourgeois refuses to properly deal with the issue of Islamic migrant terror. Just recently a Welshman retaliated by mimicking a vehicle attack that an Islamic extremist had done previously. The UK government holds at least half of the blame for that attack due to their deplorable response to previous Islamic terror. “Part and parcel of living in a big city” as the London Mayor once said.

Authoritarian nationalism and monarchism both come quite naturally to human beings. Communities are like the human body. Every organ and limb have an important role. Humans have naturally clinged to their own group. This is called an in-group bias in the psychological field. Humans also evolved to have someone leading them. Fathers, bosses, and kings are needed for a society to function.

The current approach to nationhood is starting to crack due to ideological choices made by the ruling and opinion molding classes of society. Democracy and Capitalism are being weaponized against host populations. So we will likely see a return to the archaic model of city states, petty kingdoms, and empires. But we could also see a supranational organization that brings European and Eurocolonial nations together. A Holy Roman Union, If you’d liked to call it that.

The European peoples as well as  Western civilization as a whole is currently dealing with growing pains. I don’t believe that the sun has set on Western civilization. We won’t go the way of Bronze Age kingdoms. Europe is currently in the process of question herself. An old threat in Islam has return as well as a new one has arrived called liberal capitalism. Both are currently working against Europe. Politicians and businessmen care more about profit than they do about safety and healthy norms. Islam wants to see Christianity fall and in it’s weakened modernist state. They may just get their wish. Even if the landscape of Europe goes back to where it was pre migrant crisis.

The question is whether or not the West will have a Caesar like Oswald Spengler suggested or will the West cling to the 90’s as it falls? Another possibility is returning to political and cultural organization that is more medieval and ancient while still progressing forward technologically. No matter which road is taken things are about to get really interesting for Mother Europe and her New World offspring.



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