all politics is identity politics

in-group identification and superiority signalling when dealing with the out-group. This is what politics is at it’s very core. There has been plenty of talk about the fearsome golem of identity that sits on the Faustian hills. But the thing that is perhaps hardest to swallow for the more civic minded among us is that they play the game as well.

Every man has a tribe. This is not a choice that you are given. You cannot exist without one. Like many others, I foolishly believed otherwise when I was a libertarian. I think I am an atom therefore I am an atom. But whether you group up based on racial, and religious lines or ideological lines is unimportant. Those that don’t usually become a hedonistic super nova before they do a toxicology report on your lifeless corpse.

If the atomist is lucky he might find others like him. Because in the end, There is only one way to keep that lifestyle going. The formation of a group. Are you starting to get it yet? You as an individual cannot escape the collective! Now we move onto the issue of multiracial democracy. I’m not saying that multiracialism is impossible. I’m merely stating that you should consider why it works in Russia and empires but not here. I personally believe that racially homogeneous society would be healthier for all peoples.

Democracies especially those with a multiracial population have a horrible tendency to devolve into factionalism of the most problematic kind. The people forming organizational structures tend to go with the system that will provide the best results. Democracy should be seen as inefficient and flawed due to the fact that it relies heavily on the following things. Numerical superiority, in-group versus out-group, and low info populations that will head to the polls.

The reason Russia and the empires of yesteryear have a better time managing a multiracial society is that they have a strong authoritarian approach. There are three viewpoints that come naturally to human beings. Monarchism, nationalism, and social conservatism.  In a social sense, Humans haven’t changed too much in the last 2000 or so years. The progressive values that we have now have to be taught. But they can easily be unlearned with out some kind of reinforcement. But has any modern left wing academic ever question the logic behind forcing alien virtues onto a population? Most likely but like most academics these days, Ideas are life. So you’ll just have to find a way to make them work. If reality does not conform to your idealized view of humanity.

The anti-social justice and civic nationalist community is an odd bunch of folks. They scoff at anyone that has an identitarian worldview whether it’s a rightist or a leftist. But those of us that have embraced an positive view of identity politics have tapped into to something more primal and natural. Though I will agree that the left wing approach to identity politics is very warped. The future belongs to those that embrace group identities.



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