Deconstructing Marxism 

For the time being the articles published here will be shorter. Due to internet connectivity issues with my laptop. Oddly enough my phone connects to the internet with ease. Marxism after you strip away the colorful rhetoric and writing ability of it’s adherents is simple group psychology. Marx’s idea of struggle between rich, poor, worker, and boss is nothing more than that. He describes an in-group versus out-group dynamic in his theories. The end results of his theory lead to workers trading one boss for another. The glorious revolution is just a means to hand power over to bureaucrats. It has nothing to due with liberation of the working class. Modern social justice is no different. The key difference between economic Marxism and Marxism of the cultural variety is that cultural Marxism is more concerned with identity. Gender, and race are the new focus of it all. Men and European descended peoples have replaced the evil factory owner in the struggle for utopia! Innate differences and the right to be different offends the modern leftist in the worst way. The concept of genders having different roles and groups being good at different things is on the same level as religious heresy. The have’s stand in the way of the communist world. Jealousy, refusal to work harder, and simple group psychology is all left wing ideology is. The atrocities similar to the ones committed by Mao and Pol pot are likely to happen when social justice fails to deliver.


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