Rethinking Euroscepticism and brexit 

I’m not sure how long this piece will be. Since I am forced to do this from my phone once again. My new laptop is unreliable to say the least. But I feel that Euroscepticism as well as Brexit must be reevaluated​.

The United Kingdom’s​ grand exit has been a mixed bag to say the least. The childless prime minister in an effort to legitimize herself threw away her majority in Parliament. I don’t mean to be a downer but what I see happening​ is single market and a reduced share of refugees. The problems will remain. This will not be the revival of the Great Britain that we once knew.

The correct approach is the one taken by the Visegrad 4. Poland and Hungary are resisting European Union decrees in order to protect their own. The United Kingdom doing this would put a greater emphasis on what the Visegrad 4 is trying to get Brussels to realize. The concept of a union or an Holy Roman esque system isn’t bad. The ideology of liberalism is what is tainting it.

With the declining birthrates, Islamic threat, and anti natalist elites threatening the future of European Civilization. Thinkers like Alain de Benoist, Guillaume Faye, and Alexander Dugin may be ahead of the rest on the pan vs ethno question. While this is admittedly​ a hard question for some. It may be a necessary decision as well as an opportunity for Europeans.

Nations acting like a very vocal immigrant diaspora seems to be a better strategy than just exiting. The potential for a new Roman empire is an appealing one. Can the European peoples hold on to old ethnic hatreds in a time like this?

Euroscepticism​ while it may be an understandable reaction to the chaos. Forming an alliance with the Visegrad 4 and forcing Brussels to change policy would have been​ more successful. The United Kingdom is very influential and it wasted an opportunity. UKIP should have advocated for something similar to what Poland is doing. At this time, Which nation is safer? EU member Poland or the potentially​ sovereign United Kingdom?

The Europeans of old did not fear the struggles of battle. They ran towards the enemy’s bayonets and took what they desired. A new Europe can be born out of the ashes. Current members of the European Union should follow Poland’s lead. The European Union can be turned into​ a nationalistic​ and monarchistic organization. History belongs to Caesar and Bonaparte not the stubborn mule. Will to action.


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