Cultural revolution and Geopolitics

It would be poetic if millennials pioneered the cultural revolution that undid the baby boomer’s revolt against their parents. The current state of the West aka European civilization has sent people into chaos looking for a solution. The boomers want to just go with the current flow. The Social Justice millennials want the train to go faster. The trump people want the train to slow down. The reactionary movement want it to stop.

The left loves cultural revolutions and we should give them one. The Trump people should just move over to the reactionary community. You voted​ for Trump because you wanted a solution. Trump will only be capable of partially delivering. A new order will lead to what you want and much more.

Before I  continue with the theme of previous posts and suggest things that can be done. I’d like to talk about geopolitics a little bit. It is better to make a potential rival your friend than to make them an enemy. This should have been the approach to Putin’s Russia as well as Libya and the Ba’athist regimes. Post-Hussein Iraq is kind of under siege at the moment.  Funding the Afghan rebels in the 80s and “moderate” rebels now has not improved the Middle East or our global reputation. It would have been better to align with Shia Iran , Ba’athists, and Gaddafi’s Libya in that region. Someone might point out that these regimes are repressive. But so is Saudi Arabia and Turkey yet the American government will do business with them.

Wahhabism is a Sunni sect that originated in Saudi Arabia. The overwhelming majority of Islamic terrorists are Sunni and more specifically Wahhabist. Just for strategic reasons aligning with Shia, Ba’athist, and Ibadi muslims would have been more logical in that region. It’s been the Sunnis that have been targeting Europe and the USA. If you’re concerned about oil shipments those nations all have oil that we could purchase. Also Texas has oil. Slowly turning off the Saudi’s money fountain would be good.

Turkmenistan is another place that would be good for oil. Turkey has become an issue due to Erdogan’s desire for power and his threats related to the migrant crisis. Also considering the fact that their ancestors took Constantinople. They should be seen as a historical enemy of Europe not as an ally.

Reactionaries and nationalists should begin advocating for certain things. Stricter immigration is an obvious one so I will move on from that. We should lower the national drinking age back to 18 because the tax revenue can be used for beneficial things. A basic income of 800 a month will help young families and college students with bills. It won’t help with much more. Nuclear power should be pushed to the moon. It has a superior energy yield and it is more efficient than solar ever could be. Foreign aid should be stopped completely. That is money that could be better used elsewhere.

As a member of this side of politics, You should also use your free time to influence your progressive and moderate friends. The Democratic party is currently the biggest political threat to improving the United States. You should encourage your deeply progressive friends to vote Green or abstain from voting. Remind them of that the Democratic party screwed Bernie Sanders and that they completely wasted time accusing Trump of being a Russian agent. Lefties also claim to love the environment and the Green party platform is pretty similar to Bernie Sanders. So you should encourage them to abandon the Democratic party. The moderates just need to be bullied into coming to our side. Moderation is not a political position it’s the absence of one. They like compromise which means that they don’t have the backbone to stick to their ideals. Just present your side as being more Alpha and they will comply. The Democrats have been doing that to the Republican party for years.

Humans crave groups and a leader. While I love money and property as much as the next guy. But the amorality of capitalism has not been beneficial to pro-family norms and traditional culture. So the right must be anti-capitalist as well as anti-communist. If you call yourself a rightist look into distributism, mercantilism, and other economic systems. A co-operative strategy should be used as a means of undermining corporate hegemony. Instead of a co-operative store where workers do things democratically. A council of small business owners that work together to keep money in the community would be very useful. Campaigns where a customer will get a discount at another store after shopping at yours would encourage people to shop local. Department stores are known for being cheaper and this is a way to beat them at their own game.

There are 3 regions that would be ideal places to start a cultural revolution. Upstate New York, Appalachia, and the Pacific North West would be the best place for it. The Pacific North West has that culture of shop local and hipsterism. So that area has potential. Appalachia is one of the poorer areas in the United States and they are more conservative. Much like the Appalachian region, Upstate New York is a fairly poor area.  They also tend to vote for the Republican party not that it helps them. New York City decides the direction of politics.

Hoosick Falls is a settlement that has been neglected for years by the very urban dominated political scene of NY. They lived with water that is of a very unacceptable quality for years. They’re in a dire need of a friend and the New York government only sees them as a source of tax revenue. Hoosick Falls has a low population. So it’s not like they are getting much. Hoosick falls is a perfect example of the disdain that city people have for small towns.

The right needs to adopt the mentality that we have the right to rule and impose our ways upon others. We currently don’t have that. The progressives do and that’s why the West has drifted to the left. Embrace an imperial mindset or just be apolitical. One last thing on the subject of geopolitics and war. The United States should embrace a Just War or imperialist foreign policy. If we’re going to be in the Middle East for decades. We might as well begin the process of taking territory. If we’re not going to do that then we should just leave. It’s a waste of time and resources to do it the neo-conservative way. I’d much rather be a citizen of a genuine empire or a extreme non-interventionist nation than whatever we are now.




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