Against the Jacobin

Democracy is a system in which a non noble class manufactures legitimacy through a popularity contest. This system allows the bourgeois to avoid the risky game of power in a monarchist society. Monarchy is a system that is natural to mankind. It’s also a fairer system in that inherited executive power is more restraining. Too much war leads to revolts. Too much taxation leads to revolts. Monarchism is authoritarian and humane.

So how should we view the Jacobins​, As liberators or enslavers? The Jacobin desires equality and prefers democracy. Democracy divides a population into factions and allows the elite to manipulate the masses with less risk. What happened in France was a power play not the revolutionary act of a dissident mass. Equality or radical universalism goes against nature. There are innate differences between groups that set them apart just like there are innate differences between individuals. There will always be high achievers and there will always be low achievers. There is a hierarchy in all things.

Interestingly enough the best example of a multiracial society that the world has to offer is Russia. Russia’s centuries of imperialism and authoritarianism have benefited them in this way. But this nation will never be championed as a shining example of multiracialism. Because the left and the civic right are aware of the fact that this cannot be replicated, The ingredients that make it possible to do such a thing go against what they desire.  Authoritarianism and imperialism are against the modern political status quo. Though in some ways people that lived under European colonial rule actually benefited from it.

Also with the current chaos with the migrant crisis it is not the best time for imperial adventures. European and Western nations should take a non interventionist position for a couple decades. That time should be used to develop new technology and fix the birth rate issue with pro natalist policies.

Are there modern examples for an ideal Western society? Yes of course there are. The best examples would be Poland, Hungary, Monaco, and Luxembourg. The monarchs of Luxembourg and Monaco enjoy a reasonable amount of power. They’re not just tourist attractions. Poland and Hungary are two strong examples of a nationalist society. These two nations have not forsaken their identities and they put their people first. Which has made them arguably the two safest places in Europe to raise a family.

For those that have the misfortune of living in a nation that values virtue signaling and ungrateful migrants over the safety of their own native population. I’d suggest that you form a nation within​ a nation. Act like a immigrant diaspora. I wrote an article on how I think this can be done successfully. Since the French revolution, We have had two world wars and millions of deaths from the red menace. The destruction of the secular ba’athist regimes have plunged the Middle East into chaos. All in the name of democracy and oil.

Democracy and capitalism have outlived their usefulness. The combination of capitalist amorality and democratic factionalism is a civilization killer. Europe is currently learning this the hard way. Monarchy and a more nation friendly economic system is more desirable.



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