Reactionary mutual aid and the lost left wing

Since I’m bored and a little sleep deprived. Let’s look at an anarchist theory and talk about the rather amusing state that the left currently finds itself in shall we? I’ve been thinking about the value of this theory would have to a right wing movement for awhile now. I’ve even brought it up occasionally. I prefer distributism and the American school of economics for an actual society. But there is something interesting about it that deserves mentioning.

In the movement stage, Kropotkin’s theory of mutual aid may have some benefits. The revolutionary and counter-revolutionary right do have hurdles to deal with that the revolutionary left does not. As we all know being a devout follower of the gospels of Marx will not affect your career nor will it damage your social standing. Unless you live in former communist countries that is.

Being a traditionalist or a nationalist can lead to social ostracism. If you suggest that borders are important online or in person. Your open minded progressive friend may unfriend you. The funny thing about Kropotkin’s theory is that it would be applied more successfully by the traditionalist right. Because of the traditional norms and in-group loyalties that come so naturally to the human mind.

The anarchist left believes in the secular religion of radical universalism. Which falsely believes that all groups are the same and humans are capable of being altruistic toward everyone. But with the existence of love comes sacrifice. Which gives birth to hatred or in-group bias at the very least. If you love everyone, You really end up loving no one. Love is exclusive not inclusive. Humans will naturally point their own first. Which is why you’ll see social media posts from people saying ” Why do you only care when it’s group x and not group y?”.

Reactionaries could form communities in places like New Hampshire and the Pacific Northwest. Doing communal gardening, financially supporting the businesses of other reactionaries, and homeschooling kids would be an effective means of undercutting the liberal order a bit. With a debt that’s getting closer to twenty trillion and the current political chaos in the capital of the empire. It’s important that we start forming nations within the nation. So that there is something to fall on. If the bubble finally bursts.What the reactionary and nationalist community is doing already is great. But this is another thing that should be done.

The problem with the anarchist left other than the very obvious things is that they want a collective and embrace socially atomizing ideals at the same time. Free love or hookup culture weakens gender relations and increases single motherhood. Meaningless sex and getting rid of the expectation that a man must be there for his family is not beneficial. If the trust between the two genders is low. Your community will not survive.

But a society of tradition will survive because this idea of putting your community first is common sense. Kropotkin didn’t really discover anything new. He only rediscovered and repurposed something that was blatantly obvious in the past. The best examples of the kin altruistic societies that he desires are traditionalist societies.

Your modern anarchist will not be able to make the anarchist dream a reality. They’re too preoccupied with vice and making sure the correct gender pronoun is used. The left that was a legitimate opponent for the right died a long time ago. If neo-liberalism didn’t have the financial backing that it currently enjoys. You’d be hearing church bells every sunday and your local news anchor would be telling you what the royal family is up to this week.

The true revolutionaries in the post 60s world are on the right side of the spectrum. Libertarianism, anarchism, social democracy, and communism are not threats to the current order. Anyone that tells you otherwise is spoon feeding you lies. Traditionalism and nationalism are the only two legitimately threatening viewpoints left. Just look how the media react to Le pen, Farage, and Trump. They’re only civic nationalists and yet the media was absolutely terrified. The nationalism of Trump is debatable after the election. But the point is they acted as if he was going to undo everything the left had done from the 60s to 2016.

The fact that Mr.Kropotkin’s theory has reactionary merit should not shock anyone. He did come from an aristocratic land owning family after all. I guess the traditional values that he grew up around never truly disappeared.

A local co-operative that sells goods and the workers split the profit is pretty in-group oriented. Instead of worrying about a corporate big whig outsourcing your work to a foreign land or importing migrants that will do your job for half the price. You split the profit amongst yourselves. Which puts the funds back into the community. Though I think a network of small business owners would be a better means of achieving the same thing. It’s great that you’re attempting to be tribal in your own special way.

The mainstream right and left are essentially the same in the sense that they both support globalism and social progress. The only difference between the two is that one wants gradual change while the other wants rapid acceleration. The interesting thing is that the modern anarchist has actually bought into the mainstream narrative. So that means any fringe aspect of them is mere window dressing. Their opposition to immigration restrictions is actually beneficial to the corporate fat cats that they claim to despise. At this point the political takeover by reactionaries like myself is basically set in stone. The media has lost it’s touch and the offspring of left wing academia are revolting against them.

The current political strife is a result of the rejection of identity in the past. That is why it has returned in a very big way on both sides of the spectrum. Pandora’s box has been opened and it’s too late to put the lid back on. Sorry classical liberals, It’s time to pick a team. The days of comfy debates with creationists are over.






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