Democracy and the Right

The American right more specifically the religious and socially conservative factions have always had an interesting relationship with democracy. Conservatives will often decry something as being anti-family or community. Sure they don’t do this as much as they used to. But you’ll still see it occasionally. Your mainstream social conservative can only find the courage to fight on the abortion issue these days. Which is why the civic nationalists, alt right, and neo-reaction will overtake them eventually. Authoritarian populism and populism in general is becoming a very strong force as the power of other ideologies wanes.

At the cost of sounding repetitive, I wish to stress an important point again. Democracy and the right are like oil and water. They don’t mix. The right is interested in conserving order and tradition. The left is about change.  Before I jumped off the Trump train, I did write an open letter to the conservative movement about monarchy. Monarchism is the correct path for a member of the right. Although I will admit that due to America’s history with the democratic process. It could only be a constitutional monarchy similar to Luxembourg and Monaco. Where the monarch enjoys some power and so do elected officials. In my article, Village fascism I did suggest that people are getting tired of the executive power being handed from one person to another. Having 3 two term presidents in a row does suggest that this is true. If Trump becomes the fourth two term president in a row. People should start questioning democratic republicanism, If they aren’t already.

When the voting franchise began to include non property owning males. The stipulation should have been one vote per family. Having a family is and always will be superior to an age requirement for voting. Being family man means you have a stake in the future. This will reduce the likelihood of a “them before us” politician getting power.

Democracy exists to provide legitimacy to the current holders of power through popular will. A system best suited for those willing to politically prostitute themselves in a way that a monarch never could. Making decisions that are beneficial to personal influence but harmful to the realm tend to provide justification for revolts. But with democracy, I can excuse it by saying “I’ll just vote the bastard out later”. Who has the better incentive to do what’s in the nation’s best interest? The king that owns the kingdom or your elected executive?

Democracy is not a system of free men making decisions on political matters. It does not unify the people. It divides people into factions with their own interests. A non violent war for power breaks out every two to four years. The uninformed and poorly informed oppress the informed due to sheer superiority of numbers. By having a representative or direct democracy, You are allowing manipulation of the masses. A wealthy man can fund supposedly grassroots causes. A media corporation can mold your opinion for you. Opinion is everything in a democratic nation. In many ways, The philosopher and journalist are the strongest people in the land.

Humans have a natural in-group bias that is manipulated the most in a democratic setting. Humans want to be with people similar to them and support them. Humans are still tribal creatures even in this post enlightenment society. No amount of writing will ever change that. You can shame people into suppressing this tendency but it can backfire. Only the creation of a hive mind will stop this psychological tendency within the species. Humans haven’t changed just because the world looks different from Aristotle’s time on this planet.

Authority in a family comes from the parents. Authority in a community comes from it’s wisest and most successful. A king or chief sits at the top of the hierarchy. The root of governance is paternal authority not popular will. Humans crave an in-group and a leader to follow. The loss of jobs because of mass migration and outsourcing will only cause more in-group vs out-group tension in a population. It may benefit the economy in someway but it comes with a cost. The question is whether or not the economy is more important than the host population.




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