Why Trump is failing and will likely continue to fail

We’re 5 months into the Trump presidency and a decent portion of his support base has checked out. Donald Trump’s backing down on the wall issue and his bombing of Syria a month ago. Drained his support a bit. The reason civic and racial nationalists are disappointed with him is that he didn’t live up to the meme. But he could never live up to the grand populist revolutionary image that his supporters gave him.

He’s been voicing the same concerns since the 80s and he had the resources to create the right support structure for his candidacy. He could have funded think tanks and activist organizations that would have created a healthy populist faction within the GOP and a platform.

The man was also in the right circles of power. Where he could have gained influence with important members of the military as well as members of the media. If he was the master strategist that people thought he was with the “4d chess” meme. He would have financed a political movement much in the same way the Koch brothers have. So that even if he chose not run, He could use a populist movement and party to his advantage.

The Koch Brothers have influence within the political and intellectual side of things. They’re not just businessmen. Like many modern elite, The Koch brothers have one hand in the public and the other private sector. Now I’m sure someone will point to his donations to various candidates. But had he played the game correctly. He wouldn’t have had a neo-conservative faction and a lingering Bannonite faction in his administration.

Now for nationalists and reactionaries moving forward. You need a strong strategy because people like Trump never developed the institutions needed to unseat the liberal order. In Village fascism : A revolt against the 60s, I suggested a combination of counter culture and local electoral politics. The Donald Trump phenomenon will not save you. I’d be amazed if he gets the wall started at this point.

If a genuine nationalist chose to run GOP or independent. Nationalist and reactionary outlets should either endorse or at least give them sympathetic coverage. Nationalism is a useful tool for other reactionary movements. It can create realm of acceptability for the normal people. People don’t like to deviate from the group even if they have differing views.

The conservatism of Ronald Reagan, and George W. Bush is weak. The left knows how to respond to that with ease. The free market and individual liberty of libertarians like Ron Paul and Murray Rothbard only appeal to certain people. Getting rid of welfare and Medicaid is a power killing move. You’re not going to be able to rise through the ranks with that dated garbage. A more third positionist outlook would be more viable going forward for the right. Third position politics is anti-communist and anti-capitalist. Third positionists are socially conservative and have alternative economic views. Typically it’s stuff like syndicalism, distributism , and mercantilism.

Your typical normal guy doesn’t like skits like “My Sex Junk” and people like Stefonknee. With the exception of the city dweller. Most people aren’t completely sold on social liberalism either. They just go on to get along because they don’t want to cause trouble.

The right wing needs to take a look at the displacement and the amorality caused by the current system. Democracy and capitalism have become a hinderance on Western nations. In dear conservatives , I wrote about monarchy being the lasting alternative to the modern system.

The final Trumpian moment was his acceptance speech. It was great populist speech that led to comparisons of Bane. But since then Trump has backed down on foreign policy and the border wall. If you want to have a positive example of a nation look to Poland and Hungary.




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