The zombie left

In the previous century, We saw the rise and fall of traditional Marxism as well as the undoing of traditional cultural norms in the West. The West retained it’s democratic and capitalist system but with decades of well done subversion it has a red underbelly. The sixties brought us free love and ex-Trotskyists like Irving Kristol brought us neo-conservatism.

The strong economic Marxist scene has been replaced by an effeminate socially leftist but still capitalist political scene. Sure lip service to anti-capitalism still exists but it’s no where near as strong as it used to be. It’s become a hipster market for the most part. People will sell you Che shirts, documentaries, and cool masks of a Catholic monarchist. That cause is mostly seen advocating for minimum wage which is actually beneficial to the corporations that they hate. It reduces competition in the form of new businesses and family businesses that were once an important part of the community.

Bernie sanders was the closest thing to a old school leftist that the Democratic party could muster and it still failed them. The actions that led to the resignation of the DNC head would have been unsuccessful. If he had more mass appeal outside of college going millennials and nostalgic left wing boomers. He would’ve won. His social democratic politics gave him an edge but he wasn’t a real alternative to the neo-liberal Hillary Clinton.

Now the left fights for social leftism, mass immigration, and global finance. The old labour left is dead. The old left was not progressive enough and in order to achieve success. The left made another deal with the devil in order to achieve their goal. They founded their secular religion of radical universalism in order to undo traditional norms. So that they could attain power. The innate differences between the two genders in no longer relevant to society. Instead of going steady with a girl and seeing if you’re compatible. A culture of hookups are left in it’s place. I couldn’t say that gender relations are better today than in my grandmother’s day with a straight face.

The left and the civic right advocate for a multicultural society. But you never hear Russia mentioned as an example of this. It’s partly because of the cold war era and that they are pretty far to the right in comparison to other European dominated nations. But what exists in Russia could never be replicated elsewhere. Centuries of imperial culture has made it possible for this to work. The universalism that says I am a Russian and you are one too. Is not the same as the radical version that is promoted in the West. Our universalism says that genders, and groups have no difference. If they do it doesn’t matter. Equality is god and nature is the devil. Acknowledging difference is to commit the greatest sin possible.

You could use the useless sentence “I’m not a racist but I think this about X”. Even if you don’t really harbor any ill will towards the group that you are commenting on. When you argue for strict merit based immigration. The left knows that means more Whites, East Asians, and less non whites in general. Civic nationalists are always stuck in the situation of having to defend their reputation when they promote their views. They want to protect their nation but they also want a slightly modified version of a multicultural society. Civic nationalists delude themselves into thinking their position is a rational one. Both the left and various faction within the right are fully aware of what nationalism really means. The left does know that nationalism means In-group and land. The religious right that typically vote for people like Rubio and Romney understand this as well. Which is why you’ll get accused of Nazism.

The word nation comes from the Latin word natio. Which means people, tribe, kin, and genus. So when we speak of nation and nationalism, The movements with the most legitimate claim to the term. Pan racialists and ethnic nationalists have the strongest claim to it. Civic nationalism is simply a nationalist approach for left wing goals.

Civic nationalists will never escape the accusations of racism. Their goals would be a mild compromise between the multiculturalists and the folk minded. You’ll get less diversity while still having the society that the left has fought for over the past decades. Moderation is not a position it is the lack of one. The far left and far right dictate the conversation. The moderate only conforms to the paradigm. If the left is Stalin and the right is De Maistre. The middle would be Franco.

Families, tribes, and nations need a certain amount of xenophobia to survive. The civic and secular West runs the risk of death. The best example right now is Europe. We’ve heard about Rotherham, Cologne, Paris, and other attacks. These tragedies did not stop the migrant flow. Instead you have apologetics from the state and the media. Europe much like America only cares about profits and the one world idea.

The lack of a genuine identity that is not something that can be sold in a store has led to a society that does not want to do defend itself out of fear of being called racist. The very tolerant modern Western culture has two threats facing it today. The rebirth of the far right and the rise of Islam. A community that is obsessed with money and carnal pleasures will be replaced by something stronger in the end. Islam presents a exotic masculine alternative to the effeminate West. The far right presents a return to the traditions of Europe as well as a return of masculinity.

I’m going to shill for Poland a little bit because they are a positive example of a Western society. They have an intact religious and racial identity that other nations lack. They see the horrors that happen in other European nations and they understand the burden that migrants put on the nation. They are proving the legitimacy of their nation’s sovereignty. A government that does not put it’s people first and let’s chaos happen in the streets is illegitimate. Any society that apologizes for the actions of it’s attackers will not survive.

Civic nationalists find themselves in a rather amusing situation from an outsider point of view. They have an in-group preference but they still buy into the paradigm that the left approves of. They are no different than the conservatives that they mock. The left understand the true meaning of nationhood. Which is why they revolted against it. The civic nationalist has a desire to preserve the nation  but only while maintaining what the left wants.

You have zombies on both sides of the spectrum that no longer fight for what they originally would have.  We have nationalists that embrace a variant of left wing ideals. We also have leftists that embrace Marxism on a cultural level but don’t reject the economics of the bourgeois. While the authentic right tells both to just look at the flowers while holding a revolver. The only difference between the acceptable right and left is the amount of money and cum that is desired. They don’t differ on anything that has any real substance.

The authentic right stands for tradition and hierarchy. Things that are natural to human beings. The rise of the new right and neoreaction have led to plenty of conversation. But the question is will the real left please stand up? We’d love to have our old adversary back. Your progeny is so boring to deal with. Unless you’d rather become third position and help us unseat the established order. I’d welcome the return of an old enemy or the arrival of a new friend.

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