The call of the collective

The song can be heard from the shores of the island that you see in the distance. It calls you in with the most beautiful feminine voice that you’ve ever heard. The Captain of the U.S.S. Modernity drags you inside and says “Don’t let your mind drift for too long, It’s called the past for a reason!”. But the desire for a culture and a society of yore still echoes in the back of your mind. Sometimes when you lay in bed the sweet melodies of the archaic sirens buzz in your ear. Flirting with you and tempting you with the ways of old.

But for someone in their late teens to mid twenties like myself. There is no echo of the past that would create a feeling of nostalgia. We were born in the post 90’s world. The 1990’s was the grand finish of the undoing of traditional norms that started in the 1960’s. The children of the previous couple of decades at least had remnants of the pre-cultural revolution to work with. So for the youth this siren song doesn’t appeal to our nostalgia.

It appeals to our desire for something new. In Greek myth, The sirens are dangerous creatures that cause shipwrecks with their beautiful voices. But in this case the ship needs to crash. So the enticing song of the sirens needs to be listened to.

Over the past year or two, I have rejected individualism and capitalism in favor of a more group based mindset. Humanity has developed In-group bias and evolved with the need for a hierarchal structure. Democracy breeds factionalism in the population. Which obviously leads to disunity and conflict. So this must be abandoned completely or at the very least restricted. Capitalism leads to amorality and displacement. So this must also be abandoned. Distributism and mercantilism should be looked as alternatives. But something completely new could also be thought up by a brave soul.

Religion plays an important role in any society. From a secular point of view, It provides moral guidance and an incentive to repopulate. Sometimes biological urges aren’t enough to make that happen due to our self awareness. Mainline protestantism and catholicism do not have a future. They’ve completely embraced the liberal order. They’ve become too soft and lack a certain quality to them. The established religions that have a future are traditionalist catholicism, orthodox Christianity, European folk paganism, Mennonites, conservative Mormons ,and regrettably Islam. These faiths have retained a unique quality to them that your mega church will never have.

Also the possibility of new religious movements popping up is very intriguing. A cult of Janus perhaps? That would be interesting. Janus has a very spenglerian quality to him. Another possible religion would be a synthesis of European paganism with Christianity. The possibilities are endless.

Modern liberal Western culture is weak because it has no sense of self. Modern Western culture is about lust and greed. Islam provides a more authentic spiritual and cultural experience. So without anything to oppose Islam. Western Europe as well as America is at risk because of mass migration. The status quo is doing it’s best to suppress the healthy reaction to a foreign force that is coming from nationalists and reactionaries that want to preserve European culture. The status quo does this out of the need to defend it’s secular religion of radical universalism. They can’t acknowledge the value of traditions and the existence of innate difference. That would mean that they’d have to question their entire system.

Europe and America should embrace traditional norms once again. The West should reignite it’s faustian spirit as well. The peoples of the West must push the limits of technological advancement. So that the greatness of our deeds can be passed down from generation to generation. Do you really want your era to be remembered for things like “Sex Junk” and vaping?

Islam presents a serious threat to Europe in that it does not tolerate other religions sharing space. Look at the plight of Middle Eastern Christians. These people die because they refuse to pray to Allah. Zoroastrians were also persecuted by Muslims for a long period of time. Zoroastrianism and Christianity are in the same boat in the Middle East. Both are just holding on to whatever life they have left.

So the question for the USA and Western Europe is whether or not it will answer the call? Will archaic cultural norms be embraced once again as well as igniting the flames of technological progress? Or will they go the way of bronze age civilizations? Putting the future in the hands of Eastern Europe and the Orient. Poland and movements within the Anglosphere indicate that they are not ready to handover the torch. But the question still requires an answer.






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