Village fascism : A revolt against the 60s

In Western nations, nationalist causes have been undermined because of how the electoral system works. The strategy of more traditionalist style movements has to be cultural. But local elections and networking can be used to deal with the dominate power structure. Creating a nation within a nation will go a long way in weakening the liberal order that is negatively affecting host populations.

This could be applied in historically red areas in blue states or nations like France. A traditionalist movement should have multiple people run for office in local municipalities. While it is true that on a medium to large scale the democratic system is useless for fringe causes. Due to democracy’s tendency to create factionalism and take advantage of the less informed. But a system based on popular will can still be taken advantage of on a local level.

The age of the populist started with Farage , Trump , and Le pen. Some will tell you that the rise of these figures had nothing to do with identity  but that is a lie. Organizations like Action Francaise , Generation Identity, and so on could easily take advantage of local elections. Especially in areas where people like Marine Le Pen did well. These organizations should also form mutual aid societies ,and attend school meetings.

Towns and villages run by reactionary organizations should have a community garden that is large enough to support the local population. The elderly, disabled ,and families starting out would get the food at a discount.  Reducing a communities dependency on grocery stores would be beneficial.

Anarchist theorist Keith Preston criticized left wing localists for being authoritarian under the guise of “community first”. But that is because everyone is a fascist when it comes to their hometown. Humans do have a natural in-group bias that is why collective friendly views tend to come more naturally to people. Humans understand instinctively that they are apart of a group. Which is why the 60s revolution was so beneficial for the cultural left and the amoral businessman. The concept of free love successfully created division between the two genders and increased single motherhood.

Once people are atomized. You can convince them of things that they normally wouldn’t accept as a unified group. Putting another nation before your own would be viewed as asinine in a society that still view itself as a group. The idea of a company outsourcing jobs would be most likely receive more criticism than it does now.

On some level, The people are waking up to the fact that the root of governance is paternal authority. The last 3 presidents have all served two terms and if this trend continues Trump will be the 4th to do so. This indicates to me that the American population is losing interest in electoral politics. There is a subconscious desire for a monarch or dictator that isn’t being addressed by most. Movements like the alt right, and nrx popping up are a manifestation of this desire. The outrage over Trump’s victory is another strong indicator that the democratic system is running out of steam. Demanding multiple recounts, scapegoating Russia, and promoting the idea of abolishing the electoral college. So that the big city cartel could dominate national affairs much in the same way that New York city controls the rest of the state. Rendering an Upstater’s vote meaningless.

So reactionary and populist groups need to completely ignore state and national politics as a means of change. Becoming a local political elite and a contributor to a larger alternative culture for your fellow Americans or Frenchmen to migrate to is preferable. As the culture of the status quo continues to become more decadent. “Sex Junk” skits will only become more common.

A Sunday school program should teach the youth about philosophy and great historical figures as well as religion. King Leonidas, Joan of Arc, Charles Martel ,and Augustus Caesar are good examples. A group that knows the significance of their people’s history will have the capacity to resist. Shaming from media as well as academia will not be as potent.

Getting rid of cable and relying solely on an internet connection is another good idea. There is a wider variety of choice for media and you have a better likelihood of getting more for your money this way. Playing a video game or reading a book is a better use of one’s time anyway. Video games have better storytelling than most TV shows in the first place.

Encouraging family formation is an obvious thing. The whole “community first” thing falls apart without it. Your great community just like the nation you live in relies on it. When it comes to candidates running for state or national positions. There is one question that should be asked that has nothing to do with their platform. As a candidate without a family what makes you qualified to overseer a community made up of them? Someone that is going to be a governor of a state or a leader of a nation should be expected to have a family of his own. A family man is going to look at policy making a little differently than a childless person.

This network of reactionary villages should be advancing the goal of founding a monarchy of some sort. Whether it’s one of absolute power or limited power depends on the people and what their needs are. Democratic systems have become a problem for Western populations. You don’t stop a building from burning by adding more gasoline.

When you’re dealing with the Macrons and Merkels of the world. The best thing to do is to create reactionary communities and dominate the space. Making towns and city neighborhoods uncomfortable for cosmopolitan types will eventually lead to cultural change on a larger scale.

The state and corporations will respond to this strategic move with one of their own. They’ll threaten to strip towns of funding and corporations will try to win you back. But the product will have a more subtle version of “Sex Junk” this time. But this is fine and in a way it is good for a reactionary enclave to be oppressed in this way.  It can be used to generate sympathy from foreign press and curious citizens. Getting the cathedral to react like this would only show their weakness.



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