Counter culture, monarchy ,and national survival

The Traditional Britain Group published an article on localism being a necessity for the survival of the United Kingdom in the coming years. Shopping local ,and contributing to the community. A community in the county of Devon has established it’s own currency as a companion to the pound. They’re doing their best to resist the allure of the shopping mall. But there is a broader strategy that traditionalists, monarchists ,and nationalists to pursue as a response to the dominant neo-liberal order that grips the West.

There is plenty that can be done outside of supporting local business and working together as a community. A good example of this is the American alt right and alt lite. The two movements are creating music, memes ,and comedy along with being politically active. What the right needs is a cultural revolution that is similar to the 1960s.

Figures like Donald Trump ,and Nigel Farage were never going to be the cure to the problem. They served their purpose by making sovereignty popular again. Even though one of them betrayed his following to the silence the crocodile tears of his daughter and nagging of his son in law. But it’s time to create alternative institutions and culture. I’d still suggest that nationalists run independent in America.

A low budget film and sitcom renaissance would be quite useful for the right to get it’s foot in the door. Post apocalyptic dramas are relatively affordable to make in comparison to other genres in film. You can find plenty of examples on Youtube. Another unused resource by nationalist and traditionalist movements is gaming.

When you have a mainstream media that promotes vulgar and pointless things like Bill Nye’s “Sex Junk” segment. People will look for alternatives to these things. Giving people a reason to ditch satellites and cable boxes for content on the internet would really benefit the culture of an area. It would force traditional tv and cinema to compete with the smaller alternatives that are putting out content that is a bit more wholesome. Leading to a competition to see who could be the least degenerate instead of a competition in music ,and cinema to see who can be the most vulgar.

The one good idea that the Libertarians have at this moment is the “Free State Project”. Though they haven’t really succeeded at changing the state of New Hampshire into a radical libertarian dreamland. But this tactic of culturally and politically like-minded people forming enclaves all over the place is a wonderful idea. I’m not entirely sure that the group even got all of it’s members to move to the state. Moving to an area and creating a positive relationship with the locals is a great idea. But the libertarians having exactly done that though. “Stop Free Keene” is an organization that was founded in response to the free state folks. If you’re familiar with Ian Freeman and his crew then I am sure you are aware of why it’s justified. They’re definitely a stain on the cloth that is the community of Keene, New Hampshire.

Something from a previous article

“Humans are naturally loyal to their parents. A king and queen are the country’s parents in a way. So humans will develop a sense of loyalty to a just monarch.The country belongs to the royal family which means they will look after a lot better than a elected official. One administration will leave a mess for the next one. A king will do his best to leave it in a good state for the heir. Of course, I’m not claiming that there aren’t bad monarchs. But if you own a game controller. Are you going to let it get covered with cheeto dust and other junk?”

The divisiveness of the democratic system leads to the decay of a traditional culture at some point. Especially when it’s combined with the amorality of the current economic system. Politics may be downstream from politics but disunity in politics can lead to the death of the culture. If you can question a system that has been proven to work for centuries and then replace it with a system that divides people into factions. What hope does your unique cultural traditions have? You’ll promote and buy whatever makes you feel good. You’ll advocate policy that might benefit you but not your people . In this respect, The fascism of Italy and Spain were better at unifying a people. But collective caesarism is a big part of that ideology. So that may be a little unfair. Monarchies were also better for traditional norms because of the fact that sense of kinship was always there.  Though some monarchies were better at this than others.

The trouble facing us today cannot be completely corrected through the ballot box. I believe that a lot of the disdain for Trump because of his breaking the non interventionist promise. Is due to the fact that the “MAGA” movement made him into this Caesar like figure that could never be and is unworthy of being. He is not a man that will have a 1,400 year legacy. He’s not our Augustus but he is our Enrico Dandolo. I’d recommend that Americans on the right read the works of Robert Filmer, Alain De Benoist, Oswald Mosley, Julius Evola ,and Mencius Moldbug. Guillaume Faye and G.K. Chesterton are good choices as well.

Our current system got it’s start in Athens and gained momentum in France before it really took the world by storm. The order of democracy, parasitic altruism ,and guilt must be broken. The cancer must be cut out. The dead limb must be removed in order for the body to survive. A prosthetic can be put in it’s place. We must look to the future while still having respect for the past and the healthy norms that it gave us. The West can still be that galactic force that it has dreamed about being since it’s infancy. Europe can another golden age. It just needs to let go of the current order.

Though there is an argument to be made that America and it’s allies are at the end of the of their spenglerian cycle and will be replaced by a multi-polar world. The more scary possibility for the baby boomers at least is the chance that their boogeyman Russia becomes the new hegemonic power. I think this would be the most amusing option. Only because of the opportunity to listen to the remaining baby boomers scream like a newborn child.

Imagine the headlines as Russia’s ruble becomes the main reserve currency and Russian cultural exports start to be consumed more often by American citizens. It would be absolutely hilarious to see headlines like “America loses the cultural cold war”. But the more realistic option is a multi-polar world with USA, Russia, and China controlling their own spheres.

The right should completely burn down the modern left wing dominated culture. A revival of what was destroyed in favor of free love and cosmopolitan capitalism can be made. The hookup culture that exists is being criticized by people on both the left and right wing members of the millennial generation. We are in the right scenario for a cultural revolt.

The MidWest , Appalachia , Upstate New York and Western New York are largely abandoned by the mainstream. These places came out in droves for the former populist revolutionary Donald J. Trump. These regions can be bases for a reactionary cultural spring. A counter culture should rise from these areas. A right wing capital for cinema, gaming ,and art must be founded.

As the right rediscovers identity ,and tradition in a world that only sells sub culture. It must also learn to march through the institutions like a Italian communist once suggested for his political faction.


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