The “right wing SJW” meme continues to be dragged like a dead horse

Some libertarians would be shocked to find out that outside of the United States. Small governments and free markets isn’t the only right wing stance . If they do realize this. They try their best to ignore when they call Identitarians like Spencer and Nazis like Hitler left leaning. Protectionism and welfare aren’t seen as antithetical to the right in the rest of the world. I feel like a record that keeps skipping this week.

Also I would be curious about how many libertarians are actually aware that Karl Marx was actually supportive of free market capitalism for accelerationist purposes. In cultural terms, Both Spencer and Marx are correct. People in Western nations are more atomized than ever and sense of in-group loyalty is down. The rise of nationalism and the alt right is a means to change that. Through the power of media,  supply/demand and  amorality  of capitalism. Western culture is now about free love and money. Traditional culture and norms are basically dead.

So, If we want to throw around accusations of crypto-communism. I can make a similar accusation about the libertarian movement being communist agents creating the right scenario for communism to rise. Also this “right wing SJW” meme is a pathetic dead horse that doesn’t need to be dragged anymore. At least the far ends of the political spectrum stand for something more than lust and capitalism.

Capitalism and mass immigration have become weapons of the internationalist left as well as the corporations that donate to them. French New Right thinker Alain De Benoist once called immigration a weapon of the state. Here’s a nice quote from him. So if we’re going to have a chat on which movement is the agent of Marx. I’d say that libertarianism and American conservatism have more of strikes against them.

I also did a pretty good article on politicians using immigration in order to get a larger share of the vote and replace workers due to a lack of reproduction. Feel free to check that out. If you have time.



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