Your displacement isn’t a conspiracy theory

I was planning on taking a one week hiatus in order to refresh my mind. But I came across two articles that were quite interesting.  One of them is about a Labour MP that wants immigration until it reaches a saturation point . The other has Macron threatening to unleash the Calais migrants and send them to Britain. Mister Macron has also made threats against Poland for putting their people first. Clearly this man is unfit for leadership. But I am sure that many will still support him.

He definitely doesn’t think highly of his fellow frenchmen and he seems to have a bit of a Napoleon complex. Though I doubt he has it in him to really do what is required to make Poland kneel. Sanctions aren’t going to convince proud catholic polish people with an intact sense of identity to kneel and kiss the internationalist ring. But give it your best shot!

On international workers day, I would be negligent if I did not talk about the negative impact that these mass migration games will have on the European worker. Your wage goes down as they bring the labor supply up through migration. You see other than the declining number of births in European and Western nations in general. That would motivate corporations to campaign for softer immigration policy. Parties like the Democrats and Labour have an incentive to pursue this sort of policy. Because it can give them a larger share of the vote.

In democratic systems, Parties and candidates are willing to win by any means necessary. Even if it means undermining the host population and the traditional culture. Democracy is legitimacy by popularity not by skill and birthright. Which means that any pimp can be kind and any prostitute can be queen. Paleo-libertarian thinker Hans Hermann Hoppe rightly points out that Kings treat kingdoms like their own home because he wants to pass it down to his son. Alain de benoist was right when he said that the immigrants are the Capital’s reserve army. A nice quote from Alain de benoist.

What is needed is a rethinking of the  political paradigm of the West  as well as a different form of governance going forward. I personally prefer some form of monarchism. But ultimately it is more important that a system that is hostile to Western nations be replaced with a system that will safeguard. I feel that monarchism is the correct path but who knows what the future entails. If the vanguard of reaction manages to turn back the tides of liberalism.

Secular liberal ideals are only safe within a nice little box. Look at Iceland sheltered from all of the world’s chaos and still has a mostly Icelandic population. They enjoy the liberal wonderland that American and European liberals alike wish they had. Minus the almost completely Icelandic population. Western Europe is experiencing a catastrophe that Guillaume Faye predicted years ago. He said it would occur somewhere in between 2010 and 2020. With the migrant crisis, rampant terror ,and silencing of critics. He discussed that in his book “Archeofuturism”. I am sure that you can find a copy online.

Something from a previous article

“Humans are naturally loyal to their parents. A king and queen are the country’s parents in a way. So humans will develop a sense of loyalty to a just monarch.The country belongs to the royal family which means they will look after a lot better than a elected official. One administration will leave a mess for the next one. A king will do his best to leave it in a good state for the heir. Of course, I’m not claiming that there aren’t bad monarchs. But if you own a game controller. Are you going to let it get covered with cheeto dust and other junk?”

Whites are projected to be a minority within the next 30 to 40 years. This article is talking about  America but Europe is facing the same issue. Poland is showing promise though with a recent increase in births. That’s only 385,000 to 420,000 more births than before. But keep in mind for a country the size of Poland this is still significant. The problem with lower labor supply and an aging population. Could be solved simply by pursuing policies that encourage procreation. But there seems to be this rabid anti natalism combined with a belief in radical universalism that drives the political elite. To want us to morph into one gray blob instead of keeping the uniqueness of various areas alive. Two factions now exist within in the younger generation of politically aware people. Social justice leftism which believes that the boomers didn’t take modernity far enough and reactionaries that believe it was a mistake.

I do not believe that social justice could resist the cultural force of Islam in the same way traditional European culture could. But no matter who wins this cultural war. The left will get a hefty dose of tradition and diversity at the same time. In the end, Your free love experiment dies. Even if the reactionaries lose. In a sense we still win because we will be able to say in a dark tone that “we warned you” .



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