Parallels between Nouvelle Droite and certain cliques within Rx politics

In Faye’s book Archeofuturism, He explains why the French New Right failed and never really changed the political landscape of France. The strict adherence to all is cultural, all is intellectual and their refusal to back Front National eventually led to their downfall. The choice that has to be made is should reactionaries only pursue this strategy or make good use of electoral politics. The average Joe doesn’t read intellectual journals. But He does pay attention to politics during election season.

The alt right and alt lite have done rather well with their strategy of memes, music, and politics. Reactionaries run the risk of being left out of the conversation . If they do not do the same. The Toryblr community for example is split on this issue. Half are more than willing to play the game while still following a sort of passivist strategy. While the other half only wants to do this through cultural and intellectual means.

While I do not deny that electoral politics is not the cure. I do believe that electoral politics can be used to buy time and push the overton window on what is acceptable. Donald Trump and Nigel Farage did this quite well. Even though it seems that Trump has joined the big club of neo-conservatism on some issues. Normal people pay attention to elections more than anything. So it would be silly to just avoid this access to potential supporters. Running Independent or 3rd party in order to push a reactionary message could work as a way to advertise. This would be great for pushing boundaries but not winning. Backing a candidate or party for certain policies would be more effective. You also have the potential of influencing their message. If you bring enough attention to yourself.

Putting up posters in an area that gets a lot of pedestrians would be very useful. “Monarchists for Smith” because he’s anti-war . A nice looking poster with a simple message that is easy to swallow. Poster campaigns can get media coverage. So it’s important to make sure your posters don’t look like crap. Creating memes to spread around on Twitter is another way of doing this.

This is why political pressure groups are important and ignoring electoral politics is stupid. Either you fight for power or you die. Certain reactionaries need to learn this. We do not live in a society were doing this purely through culture is possible. Your long march through the institutions must be backed up by political pressure groups. Whether it’s an activist group or a party isn’t too important. You have to get out there and make noise. Being a stuffy intellectual isn’t enough.

I have great admiration for nationalists and populists for this reason. The world would be a better place if they beat the neo-liberal order. But if we want to undo the errors of the past completely. Monarchists need to start getting their hands dirty. It worked for the Falange. Why shouldn’t it work for us? Although I’d prefer to rise to power peacefully instead of a bloody civil war. We can have our traditional monarchist society. But are we as a movement willing to act like populists or at the very least willing to align with them? That’s something that needs to be answered.

This was meant to be another short observations piece. But it looks like I got carried away. These are my thoughts on the issue. Let me know what you think. If you have the time.



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