The changing political paradigm of the West

Boomer politics is in a death spiral and the adherents to the old order are doing their best to derail the rising fire of a younger generation. Just like boomers rebelled against their parents to bring us free love and mass migration. The youth are responding in kind by bringing identity to the forefront. Sure there were echoes of identity before generation Y but the champions are really people my age. Nationalism of all sorts and privilege theory are devouring the neo-liberal and neo-conservative census.

2016 brought the rise of civic and ethnic nationalism as well as an identity crisis for the Democratic party. When their chosen woman lost both the election and the recount. No one on their side wanted to acknowledge that the white working class was still a serious political bloc. After why would they consider it? Even mainline republicans ignored them for the most part. Only pandering on certain issues while largely ignoring their concerns. Conservative media even said they should die off .

So when the white working class came out in force and anointed Trump as their voice. The left scrambled for an excuse for why they lost. Donald Trump displayed mild russophilia when he suggested that we should soften our stance on them. So they naturally went with this as their propaganda tool. Articles began pouring out claiming Russia had interfered in the election. But notice that moneyed interests funding candidates and “grassroots” groups saying things like “Drumpf” were not mentioned.

But why did the Democratic party lose so badly? It’s quite simple when you aren’t drinking cold war cola. A failure to recognize that the white working class has not been displaced yet and that they have their own views. Jim Webb was arguably the most viable democrat that was on the ballot. The most conservative democrat that was running during the cycle. I don’t believe that Jim Webb would have been the guy to stop Donald. But He would have made the results close enough to justify some of the crap that the left tried to pull post election.

In the future, The left will have to reject social liberalism and mass migration in order to remain viable. But that would mean admitting the failure of the 60s revolution. The logical conclusion of that movement is the modern social justice cause. Where you can identify as another race or age or gender. Even those without some level of dysphoria are doing it. This is turning is working class against you and I hope you never change. But if I am being honest here. Even if you did change I highly doubt that would stop the rising new right from taking control. You can’t even control your home turf anymore.

If you’re a boomer and you actually want to leave something behind for your grandkids. I’d suggest that you get behind the nationalist or traditionalist reactionary banner. It may hurt to reject Reagan and the hippie free love. But if you feel that you are good at heart. Then consider it at least. Trump might have rejected America First foreign policy by bombing Syria. But presenting nationalism and non intervention in a positive light opened a door that cannot be closed.

One of biggest signs that the Democrats had really failed was their demands for the abolition of the electoral college. A move that would give LA, San Francisco, NYC ,and Boston full control of the entire political body. Just look at the sway New York city has over the state. You just have to win enough NYC residents over and the governorship is yours. If you win there then the rest of the large population centers in the state are basically guaranteed to side with you.

Democracy relies on popularity and that means that you don’t really need to be the better statesman. You just have to be the better businessman. I’ve suggested monarchy in my posts several times. Use the search function on this blog. If you are curious about why I would suggest going back to such an archaic system. “Dear Conservatives” would probably be the best piece for understanding my reasoning.

The identity politics of the right and the left are the future of American as well as European politics. Your liberal world order has made it this way. Social lives are dysfunctional and there is a threat coming from the Middle East. People want a solution and the authentic right is returning just in time. For the millennial movements such as nationalism , neoreaction , and social justice. The future is just too sweet. We thank you for your time but please just take your seat on the train home.

The winds are changing. Will you be left behind ?





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