If all roads lead to monarchy then why resist?

“This is the problem of NRx: how to design a system that doesn’t want to be something else? That “wants” to be more of itself? And that is not monarchy?” – anti puritan

If all roads lead to monarchy then why resist it? If it’s natural to humanity then what is wrong with embracing. If fascism, neo-cameralism ,and anarcho-capitalism all lead to monarchy. It would make sense to just skip these patches in the system and go with monarchism. I suggested a decent way of going about it in alternatives to the current system . I believe it takes the good aspects of neo-cameralism and applies it to monarchy.

Neo-cameralism was designed to be efficient and select for skill. That can be applied to monarchy to some degree. Everyone believes that their views are the correct view to live and people naturally prefer their way over another person’s view. So what do you do to get around this? Create a system that puts skill and reputation at the forefront. The monarch’s power over the territory is permanent. So he selects his appointees from guilds instead of worrying about people that may not be beneficial to the kingdom. A good or decent monarch understands the consequences for abuse of power. Every person values their own life.

All power stems from the patriarch of the family. That was the basic premise of Robert Filmer’s book “Patriarcha”. If I remember correctly. The nation is an extension of the community which is an extension of the family. So naturally there is a patriarch , A monarch in a broader sense. A patriarch for the entire kingdom. People attach feeling of loyalty to an elected executive that they’d historically give to a monarch.

Democracy allows the pimp and prostitute to rise through popularity. Appealing to the whims of a populace that varies in it’s levels of understanding or interest in the subject of politics. But everyone gets to vote. If you’re a big media corporation and you favor a certain candidate or cause. You can bend the people to your whim with ease. You want your viewers to think that the opposing side is an agent of a foreign land or unpatriotic? No problem! If done correctly during election cycle. You can influence the results without getting charged.

Another issue with democracy is numerical superiority. Let’s use New York state as an example. Due to the fact that a population larger than Norway lives within New York city. The Democratic Party enjoys considerable power over the politics over the state. Many of counties actually vote republican in New York. But this is quite irrelevant due to the size of the big apple. A simple solution to New York’s plight would be to make NYC a district like Washington D.C. .Which would take away the city’s control over the state.

There is also the problem that immigration policy can be used to ensure that you get the results you want. If one group reliably votes X then it’s logical to pursue a policy that would allow the group that will vote Y to come in. Giving you a competitive advantage in the short term.

Here is a paragraph from a previous article.

“Humans much like other primates developed in groups and had a leader. Animals have in/out group tendencies that developed for survival purposes. Just like leadership developed for survival purposes. Wikipedia has a short piece about it if you’d rather read that. Here’s the link . This is why more authoritative systems are chosen over direct democracy. Division of labor is more than an economic concept. It is a fact of life. Some people are suited for one role and some are not.  Another thing that backs up the claim that government is necessary for humans to survive. Is a psychological theory called terror management or TMT for short. As a means of managing terror, People embrace cultural norms and symbols. They also look to an authority figure.”

Monarchy has a long history of success with all humans. It’s the oldest system that we have used.  I stand by what I said in Dear Conservatives even though I now have a somewhat negative attitude toward Trump after the Syria strikes. Why should neo-reactionaries support any other system over monarchy?

It’s fairly late at night and I hope you enjoyed this piece. Feel free to check out the future that they have selected for you. If you have the time. Where I talk about the neo-liberal automated future that is waiting for you.


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