The future that they have selected for you

Fully automated luxury social capitalism is the future! They chose it and you bought the building blocks that will eventually put the building together. The elite of the left and right have entertained certain things over the past decades. But it will lead to this. The progressives gave us free love, critical theory, and an emphasis on social programs like welfare. Neo-conservatives gave us pointless military adventurism for boomers to enjoy.

The amorality of the system of capitalism and the reckless abandon of 20th century movements have put in the work for a future  system that will be very beneficial to your local billionaire. Cultural and ethnic identity is discourage while subculture and consumption is not. If it can be sold then it will be sold by the amoral actor. People sell communist shirts all the time. Karl Marx supported free trade due to it’s subversive qualities. If we look at history then Karl was proven right. The 60s cultural revolution eroded the conservative culture and took advantage of capitalism to do it. The music business and media in general brought them to the top of the mountain.

Neo conservatism delivers pointless conflict that will fan the flames for the left wing cultural machine. They give the left-wing prole something to rebel against. Under the veil of patriotism and democracy. The neo-conservative works hard to benefit their partner in crime. False opposition for the average Joe to support. There were certainly factions on the right that legitimately opposed the direction that the nation is going in. But they were defanged awhile ago.

Those wacky full automation communism people aren’t entirely insane when they claim that their ideology has potential. At the moment , The corporations will hire cheaper labor via illegal migration and outsourcing. But eventually automation will be replacing all low skill and some medium skill workers. Nominally raising the minimum wage is a means of helping this process along . Companies will replace workers with machines in order to remain profitable. Accelerationism has been the left wing strategy for awhile.

Socialism was ineffective and capitalism was effective in it’s own right. The social democracy model that is being used in Scandinavia has been an effective fusion of the systems. The next step is obviously automation and the implementation of a basic income. While automation and UBI are inevitable . Under the wrong system it will be negative. A nationalistic regime with strict immigration policy may be able to make it work. But that’s not what you’ll be getting with the current order.

Democracy and mass immigration will remain the crowning jewel of the neoliberal operating system that we currently live under. European males reliably vote right and that’s why they are the big bad menace. They stand in the way of the agenda. Which is why importing people that are more sympathetic to left wing programs is key to their success. Another issue is that most people are inherently apolitical and with the right propaganda push. You can manipulate them into supporting your issues. The uninformed will always have numerical superiority in a democratic system.

So unless you end to do something about it. Just sit back and drink some cola. Just enjoy the decline and everything shall be fine. Fully automated social capitalism is the way! Don’t stop progress like some kind of reactionary.




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