Sorry Susan but nationalism does not mean hate

The often stated lie in regards to nationalism is that it is an ideology of hate and this couldn’t be further from the truth. Your professor , and every media hack that you have seen has echoed this statement. When a young millennial begins to understand that something isn’t quite right with the world. They’ll usually pick from communism, anarchism,and libertarianism. But they reject nationalism and traditionalism as hateful. Assuming that these are fringe and actual opposition to the neo conservative and neo liberal order. When in reality you can declare yourself a maoist tomorrow and it will not affect you one bit. With the exception of a few conservative relatives that will now constantly bring up all the people Mao killed to you. Your job and social life are basically safe.

However declaring yourself a traditionalist and a nationalist. You will be a reject of society.  The actions in the middle east by Trump,Obama,and Bush are not something that a reactionary of any kind can really get behind. Trump proclaimed himself a nationalist and chose to reject that in favor of neo conservative policy. Supposedly due his daughter ‘s influence. A genuine nationalist would be supportive of a non interventionist or isolationist foreign policy.  It’s not wise to get involved with conflicts that we have nothing to do with. Sons and daughters of your nation should not have to die in a foreign land. It also means that the people living where we drop bombs won’t try to migrate to a place like Europe. Because we aren’t making their home unsafe.

Europe has been experiencing chaos due to baby boomer military adventurism. The chaos in Cologne , London , Paris , Nice , Brussels , and so on. Are things that would have been avoided if boomers didn’t decide to destabilize the Middle East.  Now nations with populations smaller than New York city are forced to take in thousands of migrants. Culture clashes and terrorism are leading to tensions that will lead to major violence eventually. This will negatively impact the women and children of Europe. Unless something changes radically. We will see war in Europe.

It’s important to put your own nation first and respect difference. The rejection of that by boomer politicians and thinkers has lead to chaos and social degeneration. Syria has every bit of a right to remain Syrian as France has to remain French. If we try to love everyone in the world. We really end up loving no one. We’ve been striving for a global society for a long time and it’s time to recognize that globalism has led to chaos. Women and children on all sides have died for the dreams of baby boomer elites. It’s time to let the Middle East solve it’s problems and it’s time we starting taking care of our own. Things will not change until we stop helping them. If you want to give peace a chance then it’s time to start studying and espousing nationalist ideals.

The boomer gave us free love, roided up capitalism , and mass immigration. All of which lead to where we are today.  I have talked about the amorality of capitalism before. So I will not waste time with it here. But did you know that Karl Marx was actually in favor of capitalism for the exact reason that I criticize? He recognized it’s ability to cause society to degenerate and believed that it would create the environment that revolution would spring out of. Interesting that libertarians find themselves on the same side as Karl isn’t it?

The idea of free love has eroded trust between the two sexes. Casual sex, polyamory ,and serial monogamy are currently what is left as options. Pair bonding is harder to do with every new partner you have. Hedonism permeates through the culture today. The culture of free love is degrading for both sexes because you are reducing humans to their primal urges.

On the case of mass immigration, We find ourselves dealing with policy that is anti worker and cause social trust to decrease. European and Asian immigrants are viewed more positively. This isn’t that shocking. Europeans assimilate into other European cultures rather easily. Asian immigrants tend to do well in European environments and vice versa.  Asian immigrants are usually self employed or in high skill careers. So they’re not going to get a lot of heat from middle America. Here’s a study on mass immigration’s affects on worker’s wages. Here are two links about the study about multiculturalism and how people respond to it. You can see that here and here .

I hope you enjoyed the article. Here are a couple books to checkout here and here . A state’s first duty is to it’s own people. A state that neglects this duty is illegitimate. I do not believe that the Europeans and their friends in America currently live under a legitimate state’s rule.


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