Donald Trump takes the Neocon pill! What should be done?

I’d like to thank Mr. Trump for curing my writer’s block. I was having trouble trying to find something new to write about. But I must say that I am very disappointed in you as you lead us into what will likely be another Vietnam. I only supported you because of your America first stance on immigration and foreign policy. But it seems that you’ve become one of them. American involvement in the middle east will have spillover effects that will negatively impact Europe. Putting boots on the ground and further the destabilization of the Middle East. So that even more migrants head to Europe.  This bombing will likely be a good excuse for them to head to Germany or some other European nation.

You talked about Brexit and brought more attention to the migrant crisis. Yet you and Tillerson desire regime change. How’s Iraq doing these days? Peaceful or under siege by a group that wants a caliphate? This will have terrible effects on the perception of American nationalism. But that’s okay because I feel that I may have the solution. But before I get to that. I’d like to point out that Nigel Farage and Marine le Pen both criticized him for these actions.

In a previous article , I talked about what the right should change about itself ideologically. Now that Trump opened the floodgates for nationalism. I suggested looking at the french new right , paleoconservatism , and monarchism. I still maintain that the right should do this. But not as a trumpist movement . The right needs to reconnect with non interventionist or isolationist foreign policy. Thinkers like Alain de Benoist, Robert Filmer, Pat Buchanan, and GK Chesterton should be embraced.

The right wing should be opposed to further involvement in the Middle East. It has been an abject failure that has only led to American sons and daughters for the interest of power hungry baby boomers. If we want American children to know what peace time is like neo conservatism and progressivism must be vehemently opposed. Both ideologies have been destructive. The coming years will define how generation Y is remembered. Silence or defiance? There is a choice for us to make. We didn’t experience a time of peace but we can see that future generations do.

All minor right wing parties should unite under one banner to put pressure on the GOP in 2018 and 2020. An American union of nationalists should be formed in order to pressure the GOP. Putting up posters , organizing protests , and doing charity drives are things that should be done. The NRX strategy of passivism should also be employed. Change your community and build a good reputation. Become worthy of power. Putting America first can still be done. Encouraging family formation will be very important to a movement changing the culture as well as the government. Immigration won’t be as important to the state. If the birthrate gets back above replacement level.

Another thing that will be important is creating media. Music , comedy , and political media for the average person to consume. That’s why the left won in the 60s and that’s why the right could win now.

Thank you for reading my article. If you have time to check out a couple more. I’d suggest explaining human nature to those that deny that it’s relevance and the environmentalism of the right wing .




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