Explaining human nature to those that deny that it’s relevance

After a recent comment on a post from January. I felt it was time to do a follow up to that post. The commenter accuses me of making a circular argument but I don’t believe that is a legitimate argument against my claim. “Because people are bad , We need people to rule them” is an old anarchist meme. Anarchists will use this meme to respond to their conservative uncle. Who might not be too interested in politics outside of a few core ideas. But I think I will take the time to articulate the point in a more detailed way. Because your conservative uncle isn’t wrong.

Humans are different from one another in a variety of ways. From IQ to birthrate and physical strength. Which is just fine because we adapted to different climates. Humans like other primates developed organizational structures in order to make things work smoothly.

I personally believe that belief in a deity is something that comes natural to a human being. But the attachment of morality to belief is definitely a social construct. The more intelligent members of early human societies understood that some people need to be given incentives to behave. The less intelligent or more morally fluid among the group needed a reason outside of punishment by his fellow tribesmen to behave. So naturally the concept of sin and eternal damnation was born. That’s why religion and traditional norms exist. While I’m on the topic of religion, I’d like to bring up an anti religion meme. “if you were born here, you’re a x”. Congrats you figured out that religion has folkish roots, how long did it take to figure that out ?

Humans much like other primates developed in groups and had a leader. Animals have in/out group tendencies that developed for survival purposes. Just like leadership developed for survival purposes. Wikipedia has a short piece about it if you’d rather read that. Here’s the link . This is why more authoritative systems are chosen over direct democracy. Division of labor is more than an economic concept. It is a fact of life. Some people are suited for one role and some are not.  Another thing that backs up the claim that government is necessary for humans to survive. Is a psychological theory called terror management or TMT for short. As a means of managing terror, People embrace cultural norms and symbols. They also look to an authority figure. A stateless society would come to an abrupt end. Once a scenario triggers this response in the brain.

Ideologies on both sides of the spectrum like to claim that humans are inherently good and are forced to become bad. Which I believe leads to a lot of disappointment especially by young hopeful communists that realize rather quickly that humans are nothing of the sort. I believe that the red terror in nations like Spain, Russia, and Cambodia. Happened partly because of the fact that people could not live up to the gospels of Marx and partly because the ideology attracted really vicious people. It is not up to the “humans are bad” guy to prove his case. His point of view is rather easy to see. But is instead up to the “humans are good” guy to prove his. For every good deed there is a bad one. For the optimist , The human being is naturally good but is made into a bad person. But for the realist, Humans are naturally bad but can be taught to be good through the correct incentives.

I had fun using my limited knowledge on psychology tonight. One last thing before I go. It’s about immigration and assimilation. European and Asian immigrants are viewed more positively. This isn’t that shocking. Europeans assimilate into other European cultures rather easily. Asian immigrants tend to do well in European environments and vice versa.  Asian immigrants are usually self employed or in high skill careers. So they’re not going to get a lot of heat from middle America. Here’s a study on mass immigration’s affects on worker’s wages. Here are two links about the study about multiculturalism and how people respond to it. You can see that here and here .



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