What they have in common with reaction

I’ve noticed something fairly interesting about one section of the left in recent times. There is an ideological tendency on that side of the spectrum that is essentially reactionaries in denial. Left leaning localism or communalism is effectively an attempt to reconcile left wing views with a traditional form of society.

Anarchist thinker Keith Preston takes issue with the left wing variant of localism because of the fact that they believe that altruism requires loyalty to those in immediate proximity.  Which is a correct statement on their part even if other members of left cringe at it. He views  terms like “organic community” as an attempt to blend communitarian obligations with authoritarian attitudes.

I’m currently reading a book on communalism and one of the first issues raised is getting atomized individuals to recognize that communities exist. It would seem that there is a bit of reactionary underpinning within this faction on the left. Whether that was intended or not would be a question for a person that knew the founder of that ideology well.

This gives me the impression that there is potential for converting these folks to a traditionalist and distributist way of thinking. Though attempting this sort of thing comes with the risk of subversion. It also could be a complete waste of someone’s time. But they have this innate desire to put the community first and that hints at something deeper.

If you feel like going down this bumpy road. They might be swayed by arguments about the amorality of capitalism and how that affects communities. Talking about how the negatives of free love culture might be useful as well. But I imagine that will be a bumpier ride than all the others. Feminist tendencies on the left and what not.



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  1. In addition to feminism, major hurdles include egalitarianism/demotism more generally, and atheism/materialism/irreligion. Also, while Leftists talk about “community”, what they typically mean by this is a set of individuals dependent on a common authority but totally independent of one another- in short, the socialist State by another name- whereas on the Right we understand “community” in terms of a web of interdependencies that obtain in personal, face-to-face relationships (e.g. between the members of a family).


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