Alternatives to the current system

Alternatives to the democratic process have been suggested countless times by a variety of thinkers. One of the more interesting concepts comes from NRX founding father Mencius Moldbug. Neocameralism is treating government like a corporation. Shareholders meet to make decisions on how the government is ran. But this would be an improvement on what we currently have because it would be rule by experts instead of the masses. But it also has it’s own problems like one or more shareholders can work to sabotage the system. It could lead to demographic displacement removing one group for another due to things the shareholders need for profitability.

A different way to go about this would be to have a meritocratic monarchist system. The monarch would appoint people from the two political guilds based on a candidate’s skill , commitment to the guild, and feelings about the royal family. Instead of appealing to the masses in order to get elected to political office. A person would have to join one of the guilds and work his way up the ranks. Attend meetings, do charity , help with projects, and so on.

Most people are apolitical by nature or just don’t have the time to really get involved in it. Having a system that encourages the right people to get involved would be a lot more effective. Rule by popularity can lead to ineffective leaders gaining control of the wallet of the nation. Leading to misuse of resources and the quality of life going down the drain. Rule by popularity means that any pimp can be king and any prostitute can be queen. It is not a guarantee that you will get quality leadership or decent leadership for that matter. This system wouldn’t take away people’s right to speak. It would only make sure that bad actors lose the motivation required to take power. Earlier this month I suggested that conservatives consider monarchy . I feel that I made a good case for it. Feel free to give that a read. If you have time to waste.


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