Observations #2: The civic third positionism of Trump

Third position is defined as an ideological mutation of the far right, one which rejects both Marxism and liberalism for a synthesis of nationalism with either socialism , distributism , corporatism or anarchism. Donald J. Trump’s state of the union speech was described to me by a friend as a nationalist trying to reach out to both the left and the right. In response to this I called it “civic third positionism”. The speech on inauguration day seemed to be have this same flavor.

The ideology of Donald J. Trump is a nation first , socially moderate , and anti-radical islam worldview. The concern for the worker that he shows with his famous false song of globalism comment is also a good indication of this. Donald’s plan to implement a merit based immigration system will help us catch up with nation’s that already have this policy. It will also see to it that only the best get in. This is in line with his civic tendencies.

With his civic nationalism , social centrism , and economic protectionism. Our president’s Trumpism gives me every reason to classify him as a civic third positionist. Please checkout Observations #1 Libertarians . The observation posts are meant for sharing quick thoughts instead of dedicating long detailed posts to a subject.



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