Observations #1 Libertarians

This irregular series of posts will be used for thoughts that I think should be shared . Even if I don’t feel like dedicating a normal length post to them. If you want to see some of my other posts. I’d recommend “Dear Conservatives” and”How an effective left wing state is run“.

I’ve had conversations with these people dating back to when I was one of them. They genuinely have this idea that outside reinforcement like a state telling you not to do something forces you to do the bad thing. When it’s really something to do with impulse control and consequences. A child doesn’t behave on it’s own and most adults don’t either. Truth is that most people have shitty impulse control. Which is why certain things were frowned upon for the longest time.

It also seems like people that are committed libertarians also have an ahistorical issue. Because they don’t really have anything in the past to really show that this is possible and they don’t seem to care. They’ll point to classical liberal society but there is a difference between what they want and what libertarians want. They try to use ancient Ireland as an example but that system was more of tribal communalism than a libertarian society.


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