How an effective left wing state is run

I was in a discord chat earlier today with some friends of mine. We were talking about philosophy as usual. The topic of the day of was communism. One of them asked “Will that inspire a revolution of the working class or the perpetual rule of high finance?”. My response was “Rule by high finance while pandering to the revolutionary consciousness within the urban working class.” In many ways the United States is a better template to build off of than the USSR was. Yet many leftists still cling to that bygone era.

Here’s the thing, It’s already being done and it’s very effective. How do you run an effective left wing state? It’s very simple really. Other than taking over a nation’s media and academia. You must create a fake enemy and pander to the revolutionary spirit of the urban worker. The bottom of the article linked covers what I am referring to when it comes to enemies. When you want to pander to the rebellious spirit of urban workers and students. You send a guy like Bernie Sanders out to rile up the kids. A democratic socialist that has multiple houses yet talks as if he’s a working class guy that’s fed up. My generation really fell for that hook, line, and sinker.

The next step in this plan to create an effective left wing state is to destroy the traditional culture and replace it with a shopping mall. Where any corporation will sell you a culture for just 19.99. Once the nation is a culture of subculture. You can divide and rule. The academia and media must also produce anti family content for the buyer to enjoy. Keep them focused on work and fun without having a family. If the livestock suddenly stops replacing itself there is no need to worry. Just loosen immigration laws and keep the socially leftist money train rolling. In the end, We’re all dead am I right?

The lesson of the 20th century is that explicit fast release leftism is unworkable while implicit slow release leftism works just fine. So what does this mean for concerned right wingers that wish to undo the rot of the 20th century? It means that it may be time to embrace an older form of rightism. I have an open letter that you should consider reading.

The superior leftist model of the United States just hit it’s first road bump. Whether or not it’s enough to take it off the road is uncertain. But what is certain is that if i was a leftist billionaire this would be the model for me to go with. It’s silly to even bother with the USSR approach. The party eats well and so does it’s subjects. Why risk revolts over famines? When I could just sit near the window and laugh as they fight for 15?



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