The first 20 pages of Keith Preston’s book “Failure of anarchism”.

A friend recommended Keith preston’s “failure of anarchism” to me a two weeks ago. After reading the first three chapters, I felt the need to make a post about this man’s book. Though I am enjoying it thus far. He’s made some statements that need to be responded to.

First, I’d like to talk about his suggestion for an alliance. Keith believes that marxists , anarchists , nationalists , and traditionalists can get along. But the rivalry between these groups is well documented and it’s unclear to me why he’d think this would be feasible. The Spanish civil war , the alt light/right split , and the factionalism within the libertarian sphere are good examples of why big tents aren’t good for long term goals. It’s absolutely possible for a traditionalist to work with a nationalist. There is enough overlap there that issues wouldn’t cause major schisms.

But a traditionalist could never work with a marxist. Their views on social issues and society in general are on opposite sides of the spectrum. Keith seems to suffer from a fatalistic optimism that will eventually bring his train to a screeching halt.

Like most anarchists, Keith preston believes that government and the force that sustains it is unnatural. I dedicated a post to this view . You can read that here . It makes me wonder if he’s familiar with basic social psychology at all. Since humans and other primates have a natural desire to have a leader and a group to belong to.

Now, We get to a very exciting topic. Trotskyism and it’s influence on neo-conservatism. The neo-reactionary thinker Mencius Moldbug once said “America is a communist country”. Most politically people are aware of the left’s embrace of social justice and the origins of that ideology. Critical theory and the Frankfurt school have a lot of weight within the discourse of a modern left. I have no doubt that you have heard the term “white male privilege” before. But the more interesting thing that some may not know about. Is that neo-conservatism was thought up by a former trotskyist. The godfather of neo-conservatism is Irving Kristol. The father of Bill Kristol. Have you noticed that all these so called conservatives do is slow down progress instead of bringing it to a halt?

The most important difference between a neo-conservative and a progressive is their approach. The neo conservative prefers a slow approach while his comrade wants it done yesterday. The opposition to Trump from members of the republican party during and after the campaign should be completely understandable now. He represents the old America before the subversion of American politics. His desire to put America first goes directly against the internationalist agenda of his adversaries. He’s not one of them and He never was. I’d suggest that right leaning people give my open letter Dear Conservatives a read. A more authentic rightism is out there waiting for you.


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