The pre-analysis of folk anarchism

I purchased “tomorrow we live” by Oswald Mosley and “the failure of anarchism” by Keith Preston recently. I’m currently reading through Mosley’s book and Preston’s book is currently sitting next to my desktop. At some point I will come back to this subject after I have finished Preston’s book. A friend recommended it to me more than once. So it’s only fitting that I read it and then make a post about it on here.

But I wanted to talked about the concept of folk anarchism now since it’s been running through my head for a bit. Folk anarchism aka national anarchism is a anti authoritarian nationalist ideology that rejects the state. But embraces the folk and tradition.

They espouse a style of anti racism similar to the French new right. Folk anarchists do not wish to use the state to meet their goals like nationalists do. They want to create society where people keep the nation alive through embracing it’s culture. They want self governing communities.

But I personally do not see collective caesarism being enough for a community in the long term. I addressed my concerns in  The need for hierarchy among humans . Except that piece mostly deals with anarchist communism. In group and out group bias develops within a homogeneous group as well.

I can respect a desire to return to a more decentralized traditional society but with my current understanding of the philosophy. I don’t see it working. I intend to do a second post about this after reading Keith preston’s book.


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